First of all in order to be a faithful servant of the household if left in charge you must follow the command given.  Give meat to the fellow servants in due season, then what is that meat and what does due season mean?


The Meat


Greek word here is trophe

Strongs Dictionary  G5160


From G5142; nourishment (literally or figuratively); by implication rations (wages): – food, meat.

G5142  τρέφω



A primary verb (properly θρέφω threphō; but perhaps strengthened from the base of G5157 through the idea of convolution); properly to stiffen, that is, fatten (by implication to cherish [with food, etc.], pamper, rear): – bring up, feed, nourish.





From an apparently primary word τρέπω trepō (to turn); a turn (“trope”), that is, revolution (figuratively variation): – turning.


This last word used 1 time in the New Testament in James Chapter 1 Verse 17.


Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of

lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.


Key words here is that God’s gifts are good and perfect and have no variableness nor shadow of turning.  They are firm, sure, set and clear.


So, we see the meat is the trophe.  Remember when you are competing and running the race that the prize you win is to be shared and given away at the appointed times.


Seasons are a curious thing when concerning meat.  There is a season for different kinds of meat for those who hunt.  Fresh is always better than old and if you are going to store then meat should be frozen properly,  salted and/or  smoked to preserve.    You know I think convenience has caused us to forget the sacrifice.  Do we really sit down before our meat and truly give thanks for the sacrifice?  I mean even if we were speaking solely in the natural sense do we get specific and remember that cattle rancher who sacrificed time, money, energy and possibly sleep to get the product before us.  Do we really think about the people who prepare that meat who smell and feel the cost every day?  


Parables should teach lessons and you don’t have to be all that spiritual to see the ones here.    The cost of the sacrifices Jesus taught and made are too vast to count and we can only know in part but we certainly can ponder and remember the cost…whether your meat is milk, grain or animal there is a cost that was incurred to bring it to you and the ultimate price you didn’t pay.


Look at it this way if God created it all who are we?   But I’m chasing rabbits here so back to the scripture.


The lord made him ruler over his goods.  If he is faithful with his goods then he will make him ruler over his own goods.  First you take care of something that is not yours.  So who owns this all now? The answer to that is, the Lord.   Who are we?  The correct answer is; servants?   Will we be good and faithful by giving fellow servants meat in due season or upon his return will he find us to have offended repeatedly our fellow servants and doing as we please.  Can you hear me now?   Here comes the judge.


The judge was, is and always will be the word in spirit and truth.  It is a sword and a belt.  The truth or belt is a secure place to hold the sword of the spirit.  The sword can be held in the hand but you must face your opponent so look deep into the windows and see whose reflection you see before you swing.  Whatever judgment you receive is based on the judgment you give.  


I can remember the first time I cut up a whole chicken.  Once it was fried and on the table there was no real way to tell what part you had by looking at what was before you.  I made an attempt but it was not pretty.  There were parts unidentifiable that contained both white and dark meat and some parts that were pretty identifiable.  I learned a lesson.  Legs are pretty easy to distinguish and cut but when you get to the place at the heart of the matter mine had a mixture of dark and light.  What I was attempting to achieve was two of each part what I got was a butchered mess.  I had choices never buy another whole chicken, stop eating chicken or learn to cut the proper way….the temptation was just to not let it matter…I mean chicken is chicken right…?  Just eat it and be grateful children but what if company were coming and I wanted to impress someone, would my own pride keep me from asking for help or would the pride I could feel in a job well done inspire me to seek assistance?  Ah, the dilemma of it all good and evil, to be or not to be that is the question I ask myself while in one of my ears something whispers “Did God say?” or in today’s vernacular which even now is outdated “What would Jesus do?”  That stops me right in my tracks…a choice must be made.

Now I love fried chicken, chicken and dumplings and barbequed chicken so not eating chicken was out of the question.  I love convenience so buying an already cut up chicken is always appealing.  Hey even better is to buy the chicken already prepared and cooked by someone else.  But if my husband or especially one of my children wanted my chicken then I am going to cook and occasionally I even just cook for myself.  I like my own cooking.  I also like a bargain so money was the factor on the occasions when I bought the whole chicken.  The choice comes down to whether I will work harder and pay less, pay more and work less but then that’s not always so cut and dry.  Truthfully I want to know how to do everything and do it perfectly so I try.  I also feel more satisfied if I go the extra mile the satisfaction but that is lost if when I completed my task I make a big deal over how much I’ve worked, brag over my skills, and expect grand applause for my accomplishments to which end if I do not receive…I pretend that hell hath no fury.   I enjoy applause but that’s not the reason for my effort my effort was totally to please someone else.


I really could take this chicken story all the way home to roost but I think any can see the points and count the cost of truly being promised a chicken in every pot….count the cost of where it comes from and see what you are prepared to pay….It’s still the chicken making the true sacrifice!….The true servant knows who they are and what they are called to do and they do it because it’s time…the right time…


Stay tuned….there’s more


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