I was thinking today about that T-shirt slogan that goes “my ______ went to ______ and all I got was this T-shirt.”  That made me think of the saying that goes “____ wears their heart on their sleeve”.  People communicate whether oral or written people seem to want to be heard.  I think it’s easier to write it down that to face someone but then if we put it in writing we can’t draw it back or ignore it quite so easily.

What if my shirt said I accepted Jesus and what I got was this sword.  I want peace and instead all I have is this sword.  Jesus told his disciples they should not think that he was sending peace into the earth but that he was sending sword into the earth.

Pretty much we have two choices confess or deny Jesus Christ.  We confess Jesus and he will confess us we deny him and he will deny us.  To confess we must say the same thing Jesus said no addition no subtraction.  To deny Jesus means that we do not pour forth what he said.  He filled those first disciples and they poured forth and it did travel from the highest to the lowest.  The highest authority took upon himself the nature of a man not the lowest nature which would just be that animal instinct but he stood in time in the middle of all time and poured himself out for the world.

The kingdom of God is in my heart but it is not manifest on earth in a physical manifestation it is a matter of faith now but we pray Thy kingdom come.


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