My day will be filled with activity.  This is my favorite time of the year, especially this day.  Thanksgiving has always been special for me but this year seems to bring an air of uniqueness to my well beloved day.  I will be surrounded by all my family and watched over the balconies of heaven by those who have traveled before us.

Food a plenty, conversation diverse, children underfoot and at hand I am thankful for all.  This day I will rehearse for a coming time around a much bigger table.  Today I serve but soon and very soon I will return to the child’s table.  That’s an awesome memory for me.  A day gone by when someone else worked hard to provide, someone else prepared, someone else served and we “the children” just laughed and played enjoying each other so much that the food seemed secondary.

The smells of home are intoxicating and today I am most thankful that Jesus made a way so that I could clearly find my way back home simply by following him the trail he left is Love…Love of the Father to his children.  Today Lord may we be surrounded by the Spirit of Love and Unity, sweet fellowship and joy.  Today may we look into each others eyes and see closer than ever the lights of home..Today give us our daily bread and forgive us for stepping over the boundaries and losing our way.

You know I imagine if we this generation that has what we call blessings would have experienced even half of what our forefathers and mothers experienced we would understand thanksgiving a great deal more.

Today I say thank you Lord for Amazing Grace that brought all those before us to the shores of this land we walk upon in more freedom than most.  Thank you for mercy beyond what we deserve.


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