Sons of God

First of all when WE think about the word “Son” we think in terms of male child that is BORN and has A Father and A Mother.  We also use the term for males that are not necessarily our natural born children but instead use the word “son” as a term of endearment (or should be) but often this word is  toned out as sounding condescending and/or with a tone asserting authority over some male who is younger or the speaker believes in under them in whatever standing.  So the word can be used for those naturally born or in reference to an affinity or like a son but still they would be born to someone and not created.

Being born and being created are two different things.  Just as a natural birth and spiritual birth are two different things.  A natural birth of a male would be a Son of Man.  A spiritual birth restores us to Son’s of God or children of God building up the family name.

There were very few created things (that we have knowledge of from scriptures to clarify God has said there are things we have not seen or heard and He is still The Creator He can Still Create New Things meaning things never seen or heard) or beings and as you know the number born that cannot be counted.  Created things and beings can be said to be born of God, born of by and through The Spirit because God Elohim is Spirit.  So everything He created, said, made, saw, divided, called, and blessed was done so by Spirit.  One The Spirit Spoke on Day One Spirit had then brought forth, bore His Word and The Word of God was now tangible in the Creation He was Creating because when He spoke The Word now could be witnessed and experienced by physical senses and The Word is Eternal so The First Word He Spoke as well as every word since that follows is still existing.  Contained within The Word God The Spirit spoke upon the first day was the fullness of all else that would be and everything else was in The Word and Came from The Word for The Word.  The Word was spoken by God who is Spirit so the Word is Spirit and The Word He spoke is Truth because Truth implies what we would classify as a legal term meaning it can be witnessed, bear testimony to hearing, recordable, read and repeated because we can hear and we can test what is recorded and show proof.  Now that is sort of a layman way of saying all that but the object and subject of Spirit and Truth is much deeper and higher than I can or anybody else here for that matter can know…yet…The Spirit reveals what Truth is saying and Truth reveals what the Spirit says.  So one can take what one hears and test the spirit to see if the spirit is indeed Truth.

God as Spirit is Love. Again we have lost the truth of the word love even though that truth has made an open display. We tend to render the word love to all sorts and kinds of common stuff but Love is The Person of God, The Spirit of God and as stated God is Spirit so Love is Spirit so when testing Truth we are looking for the Love of God.

The Creation God created was inside of Him and once he revealed creation pouring out of him (while I might add still retaining all of creation’s perfection within him) he desired to enter into His creation to live within creation and commune with creation which is Relationship.

God is not Supreme he is above and beyond measurement of any rank, space or time etc.  God was never alone because everything we can see and everything we can’t see whether believed or not existed in God before all that ever was God is and all that is within Him is Holy because He is Holy Separate because He is Separate standing apart from all that is and standing in all that is.

I picture all of who I can know of him in my spirit, body and soul which is His image like looking in the mirror.  God finished the whole body of creation and looked with his eyes into the eyes of his creation and saw himself.

To try this you have to have another person with eyes or an animal just something with eyes and have them stand in front of you eye to eye and look into the eyes of the other person or animal and within their eyes you will see only reflection of yourself.  This is the reason and a true reasoning of judging anything or anyone eye to eye.

The apple of God’s eye is the place where God looks into and sees himself and He Loves the apple of His eye we are his Pupil’s.

Thereby God when He saw Himself and making the choice to give His creation choice he knew that when judgment for disobedience was necessary (and it ultimately was) He would accept and bear the full extent of His wrath and he did.

What did God Create?

God created

  1. The Heaven(s)
  2. The Earth
  3. The Great Whales (this is not a good translation for what the word is because the word can mean elongated and thereby large land or sea creature and when we see the word whale we only picture the sea creature the word includes land and sea and they are monstrously large creatures compared to all other creatures the word here is the Hebrew word tan’n written תַּנִּין

Now we must stop and look at this one word and note remembering these are definitions of men trying attempting to explain in our common languages from other languages a word used to describe something


  1. dragon, serpent, sea monster
    1. dragon or dinosaur
    2. sea or river monster
    3. serpent, venomous snake

comes from the root word

תַּן From an unused root probably meaning to elongate

8577 tanniyn tan-neen’ or tanniym (Ezek. 29:3) {tan-neem’}; intensive from the same as ‘tan’ (8565); a marine or land monster, i.e. sea-serpent or jackal:–dragon, sea-monster, serpent, whale.   8578 tinyan tin-yawn’  (Aramaic) corresponding to ‘shnayim’ (8147); second:–second.

8565 tan tan from an unused root probably meaning to elongate; a monster (as preternaturally formed), i.e. a sea-serpent (or other huge marine animal); also a jackal (or other hideous land animal):–dragon, whale. Compare ‘tanniyn’ (8577).

In the truest form we look to the verb the action that is observed to make all other descriptors.   The verb alone just means to elongate.  Here we have the possibility for those who choose to make a whale of a tale an unbelievable fish story that just keeps on getting bigger with the telling.

But if we divide the word to the joint and marrow of the word look….

Taking the letter of the Hebrew alphabet that make up the word tan’n we have

A four letter word from from a 2 letter root word the three Hebrew letters starting with

The 4 letter word is a masculine noun starting with the Hebrew letters

Tav which is a letter made up of two letters th and v/ Nun which is a letter made up of one letter the Nun (also written n’n using the nun the yod and final nun) used at the beginning and the end and a v/w in middle

The Taw/Tav is the 22nd last letter of the Hebrew alphabet containing 2 Hebrew letters the Tav and the Vav/Waw and represents

Literal Meanings:
                                                                      Mark, Sign, Cross
Symbolic Meanings:
     Completion, Consummation
     The Cross of Christ
     The Seal of God

The vaw or v/w is the 6th letter of Hebrew alphabet  and represents:

Literal Meanings:
     Hook, Nail
Symbolic Meanings:
Grammatical Function
As prefix, Vav   signifies the copulative: and, but, even, etc.

Yod our equivalent Y or J

The Yod is the 10th letter of Hebrew alphabet containing 2 or (three sometimes with a vaw in the middle of 2 yods) Hebrew letters most commonly 2 the yod himself and the dalet (our equiv. D)  and represents:

Literal Meanings:

Symbolic Meanings:
     Action, Power
     Possesion, Mine

The Dalet is the 4th letter of the alphabet and made of 3 Hebrew letters the dalet himself and lamed and tav and represents

Literal Meanings:
Symbolic Meanings:
     Knowledge, Way,   Birth, Death

The Lamed (our equiv. L) is the 12th  letter of the alphabet made of 3 letters the lamed himself and Mem(our equiv. M) and the Dalet and represents:

Literal Meanings:
     Ox goad

Symbolic Meanings:
        PointThe Mem is the 13th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and   is made up of 3 Hebrew letters the Mem, the Yod and a final Mem representing:

Literal Meanings:

Symbolic Meanings:
         The Word
         People (Rev     17.15)

As a prefix meaning to, from and with and also it forms the substantive noun from   a triliteral root.”

Nun (our equiv. N)

The Nun is the 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and represents:

Literal Meanings:
     Fish here only   because of the fish being a very prolific creature with vibratory tail that   gives it movement, symbolizing fertility, seed, propogation because it looks   like what science tell us sperm looks like

Symbolic Meanings:
     The Son   (Inheritor)
     Offspring, Progeny
     To Fall

The 2 letter root word is a masculine noun



Other forms of the word and their definitions include the word tanah which introduces another Hebrew letter at the end which is a Hey a word using 2 Hebrew letter the Hey and the Yod

The letter hey is the 5th letter of the Hebrew alphabet representing:

Literal Meanings:
     The Definite   Article

Symbolic Meanings:
     Breath of Life

8566 tanah taw-naw’  a primitive root; to present (a mercenary inducement), i.e. bargain with (a harlot):–hire.

8567 tanah taw-naw’ a primitive root (identical with ‘tanah’ (8566) through the idea of attributing honor); to ascribe (praise), i.e. celebrate, commemorate:–lament, rehearse.

8568 tannah tan-naw’ probably feminine of ‘tan’ (8565); a female jackal:–dragon.

Now that we gone through a Hebrew word that is written with 2 or 3 letters which each contain more letter we see a fuller picture to the letter making up the word

  1. D
  2. V/W
  3. ‘/Y/J
  4. L
  5. M
  6. N
  7. T(h)

Sometimes H which can be a prefix or a suffix in fact 6 of these particular letters can be used as prefixes or suffixes the letter D being the only letter that is not used as prefix or suffix.

D  v’lmnth H  which in and of this word is word.

NOW BACK TO THE REST of The Created Beings.

4. Every living creature that moves that the waters brought forth after THEIR kind

5. Every winged fowl after HIS kind

6. Man (xdm/adam) in his image male and female created he them

7. Last God created the Sabbath Separating this Day of Creation from all others as a Day of Rest from all His Creating and Work that He Created and Made.

Mankind, meaning the man-faced ones has no ability to create.  Man invents, devises, discovers etc.  Never have I seen recorded a testimony except God’s where anyone CREATED anything.  Nothing created can create but was blessed with the ability and commanded to be fruitful and multiply filling the earth so they could reproduce after their own kind whatever you sow you reap.

This is why there is nothing new under the sun.  God rested from all that he made and created.

Can God still create?  Yes and He does and He will because He has and He spoke his word of promise that he would do nothing without revealing, proclaiming and declaring the word beforehand to one he chooses and calls to deliver His Word.  Again eye has not seen nor ear hear what God has in Store.  God has new Store all that we can do is return to him what he has already provided or we should return it to him to keep in store where secure.  His Word did not, does not and will not return void.   Now that does not prohibit one from stealing His Word attempt to claim his word as their own and twist turn and manipulate said word to benefit self and those words the thief owns and those still roam to and fro seeking to devour by killing, stealing and destroying and in particular the last and least of all God’s creation.

The Father God Creator bore the Son and the Son was blessed and Given all the Father Created The Son bought back what the Man lost and thereby sits ready by His Promise to give the Man all that the Father has placed in His Hands.

How do we get Son’s of God plural.  We are born natural and must now be born again spiritual and we become sons of God because we Build up HIS NAME.  The Word for Son is to Build the Family Name.  Father is the Seed Mother is the Bond.

Son the Word for son is Ben written using 2 Hebrew letters

B’th and Nun for plural Bn’ym using letters B’th Nun Yod Mem  The Yod and Mem is a suffix as well as a stand alone word meaning Sea or the root To Roar!

The B’th being a Hebrew word consisting of 3 letter B’yth Himself the Yod and the Nun

The B’th is the  2nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet and is unique because the B’th can receive a dot or inside the letter called a dagesh and changes it’s sound.

With the dot the letter B’th makes the sound for our b as in boy

Without the dot the letter makes the sound for our v as in vine

The letter B’th represents

Literal Meanings:
     House, Temple,   Dwelling
Symbolic Meanings:
     The House of God
        The Word of God
        Division, Image, Reflection
Grammatical Function:
        As a prefix, Bet indicates the preposition in,   with, or by.

Interesting the letter B’th or Beyt or Bet is the first letter used at the beginning of our scriptures signifying God built the House First whatever is first shall be last what was will be and the End is Declared from the Beginning.

Now just chew on all that for a while piece by piece..and you’ll hear the message, see the True Messenger and Hear His Message…Time is for making the Mess we made a Message we should receive and obey and be willing and submitted as messengers to carry THE GOOD NEWS.

****Please remember I am fallible God’s Word is not so all error is mine****


References for some of the material included here provided from these sources.

As always this represents knowledge, understanding and wisdom given to me as I hear, speak, read and write.  I don’t agree with all reference source material but I as always can glean and do so from all fields available.  Truth belongs to God.  Any Good the Praise and Honor Go To God.  My view is my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of any corporate body I may now or in the past do or have belonged.  I don’t lean on my own understanding  but in all things look unto the Author and Finisher of Our Faith.

Any editing suggestions are welcome.  Reasoning together is welcomed and encouraged.  Striving and debate over opinions not even desired.


I can write flowery, soft words the kind that make you think or those that just make you feel all warm inside.  I can write words that are angry those fighting words that make the tips of my fingers sore from pecking out a bit too hard or my arms tight and sore from gripping and bearing down with the pen flinging the words upon the screen or page.  I can write nonsense, a prose, a sonnet, a poem, a homespun tale or spin a yarn from memories past.  I can write just letters and string them like pearls with no particular rhyme or reason and leave each to connect the letters into words as one see fit.  I can write sentences, paragraphs, chapters, a short story, a book or a novel.  I can write and type that is a fact if you see these words then my ability to accomplish the task is evident.  I have had the ability to write something since I was a very young child.  The scribbles and scrabbles then were crude lines, shapes and symbols but nonetheless when I was capable of holding an instrument that could make a mark I set about making mine.

I wrote lines in the sand that became a game I could play.  I wrote names on the walls in colors with crayons and lipstick.  I wrote symbols, letters and names upon my skin and clothing.   I wrote upon sweaty window panes and frosty windshields and sometimes with just my own puff of breath and a finger.  I’ve written letters never delivered.  I’ve written journals and diaries to mark the day.  I’ve copied and traced the words and lines of others.  I’ve written words as a tune played in my head.

I write to remember what I thought or how I felt at the moment.  I write to clear my thoughts.  I write to put out fires and rekindle ones that have burned down dangerously low.  I write like I breathe because writing is like pulling out my own soul and laying it down so that I can see it and read familiarizing me with myself.

I write with ability that everyone who is born possesses.  We can all engrave upon stones with sharp rocks; carve into wood with a knife, burn in an image with a magnifying glass and the right angle to the sun. At the least we can place our palms or the soles of our feet upon the earthy dirt or sand and leave a mark. 

Writing does not make me unique or special if my words in any way make you feel that way then another source is in action attempting to leave a mark upon you.  If my words hurt the same is true.  If my words make you fear the same is true.  If my words invoke an emotion or feeling then the reader has left the medium of my tangible words and entered a realm where angels trod a realm that most fear to tread.

For you see my words are just letters and symbols that stand upon pages and screens.  The way in which readers perceive them is as varied as a coat of many colors.  My words just drop down like dew, a gentle rain or a beating storm and I leave them upon the page.  You just see the aftermath in letters strewn and connected left upon a page.  The readers choose to stop and look and some pick them up inside their mind and then they are no longer my letters they are becoming your thoughts.

The only real way I can communicate my heart is to spend time with you and talk.  Talking that is my gift.  To take words and push them up from my belly past the thickness of the diaphragm that separates them from lungs that expand with each breath I take up the channels through cords, boxes, into a cavern with sharp objects and a divided weapon that is restrained behind the rows.  A process that should take time but often I part the opening before it’s time and the words come out before they should.  Just as often I refrain from speaking when I should.  I talk too much so I withdraw myself.  I’ve promised myself thousands of times I would never speak again and yet something beyond me compels me like no other force.  I have so much to say because there is so much to learn and never quite enough time here and very few still who like I love the words both the sight and sound of them all.

I crave communion.  I desire companionship.  I covet both to be a part of an audience and have an audience be a part of me. .  I am a social being alone but never forsaken with words.  I have never found a word that I haven’t loved.  I have found many I didn’t like the sound of or I didn’t understand and some I misunderstood but those never seem to cause me to want to quit searching, asking and knocking upon every source that contains more words.

You see I see in part but I have the capacity to hear all and know all because I have unction.  An unseen urge to know what is unseen from what I can see.  I search the horizon every morning.  I scan the landscape through the day.  I visit with strangers in foreign lands in books and moving pictures catching glimpses, hearing phrases familiar and unfamiliar just to hear a word.  I’ve traveled on occasion and heard different peoples with different languages and dialects learning new words and leaving some words.

I am appalled and amazed at what creatures have done and do to and with THE LIGHT. 

Just one word spoken the first day in a not so distant future past and it shot straight out into a vast expanse returning to the Author accomplishing everything it was spoken to do.

The creatures have bent, twisted, treaded, bowed, elongated, added, subtracted, contorted, fashioned and formed just about everything imaginable with what that one word contained and many facts are scattered but who can find TRUTH?

Who can find the Truth with such power and clarity they all darkness is dispelled?  Who can find one who speaks with such authority that all others are silenced by one word of Truth in a world full of lies?

I search for Truth, absolute unadulterated, not pimped out or tricked up just the Truth the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.

I find fragments along my journey bits and pieces like echoes upon the wind.  Everyone seems to be walking around with pieces and crumbs of left over fragments.  What my heart’s desire is to find that smell of fresh bread lying upon the table daily.  To work for this I cannot and to beg I will not so I search my heart, plowing and digging my own flesh removing all the stony hard places within this earthy flesh just to prepare to have one seed drop so that I might watch it grow into more seed of which will be replanted and portions prepared by pounding to dusty fine powder and kneading and cooking upon the fires of my soul just for one piece of daily bread.

Nothing makes me as hungry as the smell of fresh bread and nothing satisfies my hunger like a good loaf that multiplies sufficiently to feed thousands upon thousands.  Jesus asks me every day for the very thing I so desperately need myself just a piece of bread.  He knows his seed.  I have to study to show myself approved so that when the time comes and it will when he calls me I know I will have to give an account of what I have done with the seed.

It’s not about the economy or what you built it’s all about the seed.  Money or seed you decide because to love either you must love the master and to love is to serve and no one can serve two masters.  What we need is to rend our hearts stoop down from pride wash one another’s feet and sit down at the table and worship the one who served us first, the one who loved us first.  If you want to move forward or you desire to take back what you feel is stolen then return to your first love and do those first works. Go preach the good news the Gospel is the Power unto salvation so heal the sick, set the captives free, mend the broken hearted, give sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf that is the acceptable work for this acceptable year of the Lord.  This door is soon to be closed.  Have we lost our power at a time such as this when we should have the courage and boldness to stand no matter whether the kings of this world extend a scepter or not.  Who hand does that scepter of Truth belong? 

I say to you like Deborah a true mother who arose in Israel, who sat under and among the palms of victory married to the light of the lamp at her side. God has this battle but you falter because you forgot the word of the Lord.  You fear every chariot in the valley and every booming noise from the mountains filled with giants.  God is the God of the mountain and the valley and he knows and sees all.   A single stone in the hand of a shepherd who has proven his sling and rejects the armor offered by kings of this world desired by a people who wanted to be like other people rather than obey the God who created you in his image or do you not remember the woman of the tent alone with the enemy at the door.  She gave him more than he asked for and took up the tools of a tentmaker and carpenters just a hammer and a nail and defeated the enemy.  I say to you that the very stars in heaven shall fight for you in their course.  I remind you that vengeance belongs to God so let God be true and every man a liar. I say to you stand and see the salvation of the Lord the battle is his.   I remind you to beware of the wolves I have written to you that you would be sent out amongst them.  Lay your life down for the sheep.  Beware of those who would add yokes upon your neck that are heavy and cannot be borne.  Be careful of those who come in and sit with you feasting with you and take your words out twisting them for their own pleasures and desires into some strange places and images saying this or that is the Words of God.  They roam to and fro seeking to devour coming and going even using the name of the Lord.  Identify your enemy wrestle not with the flesh and blood but tear down the strongholds and bind the strongman.  Fight against the principalities, against the powers and against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual high places you do so by putting on the whole armor of God I have told you the armor each piece with purpose put those on and stand.  Above all take the shield of faith and remember if any one comes to you with another gospel whether angel or man saying that they have seen me in the desert or the woods or the caves resist it and submit to my Word that I is written seek me and you will find I speak no other words except the Father’s words from the beginning and the Spirit that comes from me will speak the same never adding nor subtracting. 

God does not lie nor turn nor change his Word is was and will remain eternal, true, righteous and faithful.  Do not be bewitched.  Keep yourself from idols whether building or images built of stick or stones or metal decorated with gold, silver or any other shiny gem this is not the building God desires.  Don’t get trapped in the shadows of death.

Dear God Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth help me to learn to not be distracted in the presence of the enemy at the table that the world may finally understand that not one more drop of blood need be shed that yours and yours alone is still sufficient.  It is enough.  That we all might recall the wine and the bread once again and remember your body and your blood and the grace supplied within to meet all of our needs according to your riches in glory.  Forgive Oh Lord for none sin against any but you and it is a grievous sin.  Hide me in the shadow of your wings; guard my heart as I hide your word in my heart so that I might not sin against you in this day.  Deliver me from the evil hour that is upon us Lord.  Set your ministering message round about me as I watch and wait I pray in Your name the name of your only Begotten Son Jesus Christ the name above all other names for you alone are worthy to be praised.  Your word is holy your name established by from and into eternity and Lord I thank you that your mercy endures forever may your will be done Father on earth as it is in heaven in Jesus name it is written by his name let it be so Amen.

What is the first step in making bread? Well the last step is eating the bread and God’s way of doing things is that he declares the end from the beginning. Just stop for one moment and think about how you eat bread. One bite or one piece at the time that is the way we eat.  It appears knowing what to do with the finished product is easy but understanding how we get to the finished product would require a bit of a field trip so to speak.  The first step in making bread is to acquire a field, then clear the field from any obstacles that would get in the way thereby preparing the field, and then till and plow the field.  Three steps 1) acquire the field 2) prepare the field 3) till and plow the field each of these three steps have processes that must be utilized in order to accomplish each step.  Steps 1 and 3 can be relatively easy given the circumstances, step two holds the potential to be the hardest but preparation and the choices you make a person makes in answering the how, what, when, where and who determines the eventual outcome(s) including but not limited to the quality and quantity of what is produced in the field.


            4 ways                                    

A.  The field is given to you as a gift

                                                This field is free.

                        B.  The field passes down to you as an inheritance.

                                                This field is willed.

                        C.  The field is loaned to you

                                                This field is borrowed.

                        D.  The field is purchased by you.

                                                This field is bought with a price.

Three of these ways require a deed to be transferred as proof of new ownership and one requires a contract stipulating terms to be agreed upon and signed by all involved parties.  All four of these ways may carry conditions, clauses, promises, vows etc.

Where is the field located in the first verse of Genesis 1:1?  The answer is within the very first word.  בראשׁית (important to note that Hebrew is written right to left remember that we get the image so it’s kind of like looking in a rear view mirror to see the word ambulance)

It is amazing as you will see just how much is contained within these first 6 letters of Genesis 1:1.  It is indeed a large field.  The first letter of the word above is Beyt the equivalent of our English B you set it spelled out in the first word of Genesis 1:1 just look at the first, the fifth and the sixth letters of the first word; בראשׁית

ב this is the first letter of Gen. 1:1 it is being used in this word as a prepositional prefix translated as “in” this prefix is translated as “in”, “with” or “by”.  As a stand-alone letter spelling the letter b’th the meaning is house, dwelling, tent, temple, family.  The letter as I have shown it is the modern way of writing the letter.  Letters didn’t begin as formed letters they began as drawn pictures.  In more ancient scripts this letter “b” would have looked something like the following chart obtained from Ancient Hebrew Research Center Copyright © 1999-2012

Interesting to note that among the top 4 listed as Ancient, Canaanite, Egyptian and Hebrew that the different one of the 4 is the Egyptian drawing of the other three the opening is toward the top whereas the Egyptian drawing has the opening at the bottom. During the process of time and the changing of the forms we only see a resemblance of what the original looked like in the Samaritan and Hebrew form.  Both the Greek and the Latin are closed forms while the Aramaic and Arabic are broad open forms and the Samaritan and the Hebrew final forms have both an open and a closed space.  These formative processes that one letter has endured speaks volumes for those who just have an ear to hear.

Follow this link to Ancient Hebrew Research Center for more Info.

Rev 3:20  Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.


The title or heading if you prefer of this serving of my literary genius that I share with you is not some common dish.  This will be more of an unending course of culinary truth filled with words carefully inspected, selected, measured, weighed, prepared and offered by invitation to all to come and dine.

There will be nothing hidden within this meal except to those who refuse the invitation.  The offering is for all.  The choice to join is always an individual decision.  There is no main ingredient because all components are necessary.  Understanding  is the goal of the process that will be carefully outlined.

The meal that I share is not an original.  I do not own the recipe therefore I don’t intend to make any changes such as additions or subtractions.  This meal is only meant to be multiplied and produce a fruitful desire to share freely with others.  The only requirement for accepting the invitation is a willingness to not be constrained by time nor distracted by my humanity.  I do err and so when my slip is showing just let me know. 


There are two things in this world that I need; conversation and food.  These are the two things that should become one around the one thing I want in this world the appropriate table even if while here is this world that means it will be in the presence of my enemies.

Food is our first conscious desire.  The person who supplies this food in turn becomes your first love.  When you are first born or newborn the most incredible urge you have is to eat, everything else just sort of happens.  Newborns cry out for food, cleanliness and comfort.  The person who provides these becomes the newborns first love.  Return to your first love.  God gives the food, His Son provided the cleanliness, and His Holy Spirit will comfort you.  That is the true Godhead Holy Trinity.  Father, Mother, Son, and Daughter it doesn’t make a difference whether you are male or female we have all the qualities and character of the Creator for we were created in His image and His likeness.  Male and Female created he them. 


He called them Adam but it is written:


Those letters above look a bit different than our English word MAN.  The similarity is the number of letters.  We can see a familiarity between the middle letter of our word MAN and what appears to our eyes as the last letter אָדָם

The word אָדָם is the Hebrew word ADAM and the Hebrew language is written right to left in contrast to our English way of writing which is left to right. 

The letters used by the Hebrew speaking people would be what is called transliterated to ADM.  Those three letters are actually three words also because each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is also written as a word.  Trust me it is important and it is not the letters that will kill you it’s the γράμμα

That’s GRAMMA but right now I’m sure it just seems all Greek to most but as time permits maybe we can both laugh at my constant need to play with my food.  I use the word play because for me the Work has been done for me and it is my greatest joy just to dive in every morning brimming with the excitment of a child anticipating and expecting to find another treasured ingredient.

Food such as this must be prepared.  It takes time, so while you wait ask yourself a question.  Would you leave a newborn infant to starve?  The answer for any decent human being would be no!  Yet in this world we hear of thousands of “born-again” infants delivered and sometimes crying out their whole entire life.  “Got Milk!”


Mothers everywhere are aware that whether they decided to or not milk is produced and available when the baby is born and that milk is free. It can be painful and it certainly is time consuming but the milk is there and the more you use the more you get.  Can you imagine what a difference it would make if everyone who was born again was afforded two years of nursing and then allowed to wean properly?  I wonder how many would sign up for taking care of the house and the babies born if this were a requirement?  Round the clock feeding?  Understanding the cries?  Enduring the pain?

Luk 11:9  And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

Luk 11:10  For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Luk 11:11  If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent?

Luk 11:12  Or if he shall ask an egg, will he offer him a scorpion?

Luk 11:13  If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?

Come Let Us Begin to Reason Together.  We will begin at the most logical place, “In the beginning.”   We will learn as we pray to hear the Father say, Well done thou good and faithful servant.

And May the Grace that brings the Peace that passes all understanding be with us all in great abundance.

As always with Love from the Father I submit to you in Jesus Name as Daughter of God, a Sister in Christ, a lady in Waiting and Watching, learning to lean upon His Word.

A humbled servant and Child of The King

D.S. Lear

Psa 34:8


O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

clear glass upon stem

holding wine so dark

savouring the taste

best left last

hidden steps

trod on sweet vines

extracting drops

filling vats

where water stood

now refined

by love in

unified touch

awaiting consummation

aging to beauty

beyond time



Something Old, Something New, Something Needed, Something True

A Magpie Tale

They were packing up my life.  I wanted to scream but the heavy hand of grief seemed to throttle my cries.  Only a sigh escaped my lips as I turned and let the screen door slam on the only home I had ever known.

That day seems like yesterday and the tears well they are fresh every morning when I awaken still expecting to hear her humming in the kitchen. The smell of coffee brewing and the steady rumble of that old percolator was my daily wake up call as the hot liquid boiled and bubbled up into that strange glass ball on the lid.

Today when I looked at this toothbrush I laughed for the first time since Memaw died.  That brown handled heirloom with its yellowing bristles is almost 18 years old now and looks as new today as when I first saw the thing.  I remember my Papa bringing it home with him and presenting it to her as though he had purchased the Eighth Wonder of the World.  Memaw just stood there and without saying a word she turned back to the cast iron fryer on the stove and started humming. 

Papa was a steady man and not given to much sentiment but he was not a quiet man but that day it seemed that he must have spent quite a bit of time with that cat that Memaw said could get your tongue because he didn’t open his mouth until he got out the door and about midway the yard.  Then he just sorted grunted like a hog and shook his head.  I watched him as he placed the black banded straw hat back on his head and headed to the tree line just beyond the field and disappeared.

Memaw continued cooking and the rest of the morning went as usual.  She finished a half days chore and by noon the table was set.  Papa took his usual seat at the head of the table and we prayed and ate still no words spoken between the two.   I wondered a thousand things that day but I guess I was too young to really understand the depth of true love.  But I do remember as Memaw was clearing away the table and Papa had left again for the fields that beside his plate lay one single twig from that tree down in the woods.  Memaw picked it up and sat down seemingly beaming at the pure white tip of that slender little stick.  Just as I remember seeing her everyday she began to chew on the end and she rubbed each tooth with such care.  She seemed different that day as she stood and looked out at the field and with a whisper she said, “Your Papa that’s what a Good Man looks like.” She picked up that toothbrush then and put it in the little box on her dresser where she kept important things.

I remember wanting only that box when she died because it was so important. I had never known the other contents of the box.  Today when I finally needed to look there was that toothbrush right beside a tiny little twig with well-worn ends resting upon a single handwritten note tucked under a piece of tile from their first indoor bathroom.  Memaw’s words simply said, “Gifts from a Good Man. A Reminder for His Bride” 

As I was laying the brush back into the box a single pearl fell from between the bristles..and I understood.

Wine spots upon

White linen

Communions sign

Crumbs fall between

Friends, betrayers

Disciples recline

Bread broken upon

His table offered

Flesh resigned

Cup poured between

Related men

Sin confined

Blessed words upon

Kneaded and pressed

Grace divine

Master serves between

Dirty feet

Humility defined

Bride waits upon

Her grooms call

Consummation sublime

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