What is the first step in making bread? Well the last step is eating the bread and God’s way of doing things is that he declares the end from the beginning. Just stop for one moment and think about how you eat bread. One bite or one piece at the time that is the way we eat.  It appears knowing what to do with the finished product is easy but understanding how we get to the finished product would require a bit of a field trip so to speak.  The first step in making bread is to acquire a field, then clear the field from any obstacles that would get in the way thereby preparing the field, and then till and plow the field.  Three steps 1) acquire the field 2) prepare the field 3) till and plow the field each of these three steps have processes that must be utilized in order to accomplish each step.  Steps 1 and 3 can be relatively easy given the circumstances, step two holds the potential to be the hardest but preparation and the choices you make a person makes in answering the how, what, when, where and who determines the eventual outcome(s) including but not limited to the quality and quantity of what is produced in the field.


            4 ways                                    

A.  The field is given to you as a gift

                                                This field is free.

                        B.  The field passes down to you as an inheritance.

                                                This field is willed.

                        C.  The field is loaned to you

                                                This field is borrowed.

                        D.  The field is purchased by you.

                                                This field is bought with a price.

Three of these ways require a deed to be transferred as proof of new ownership and one requires a contract stipulating terms to be agreed upon and signed by all involved parties.  All four of these ways may carry conditions, clauses, promises, vows etc.

Where is the field located in the first verse of Genesis 1:1?  The answer is within the very first word.  בראשׁית (important to note that Hebrew is written right to left remember that we get the image so it’s kind of like looking in a rear view mirror to see the word ambulance)

It is amazing as you will see just how much is contained within these first 6 letters of Genesis 1:1.  It is indeed a large field.  The first letter of the word above is Beyt the equivalent of our English B you set it spelled out in the first word of Genesis 1:1 just look at the first, the fifth and the sixth letters of the first word; בראשׁית

ב this is the first letter of Gen. 1:1 it is being used in this word as a prepositional prefix translated as “in” this prefix is translated as “in”, “with” or “by”.  As a stand-alone letter spelling the letter b’th the meaning is house, dwelling, tent, temple, family.  The letter as I have shown it is the modern way of writing the letter.  Letters didn’t begin as formed letters they began as drawn pictures.  In more ancient scripts this letter “b” would have looked something like the following chart obtained from Ancient Hebrew Research Center Copyright © 1999-2012

Interesting to note that among the top 4 listed as Ancient, Canaanite, Egyptian and Hebrew that the different one of the 4 is the Egyptian drawing of the other three the opening is toward the top whereas the Egyptian drawing has the opening at the bottom. During the process of time and the changing of the forms we only see a resemblance of what the original looked like in the Samaritan and Hebrew form.  Both the Greek and the Latin are closed forms while the Aramaic and Arabic are broad open forms and the Samaritan and the Hebrew final forms have both an open and a closed space.  These formative processes that one letter has endured speaks volumes for those who just have an ear to hear.

Follow this link to Ancient Hebrew Research Center for more Info.