Patulous heads perched high upon setaceous stalks.

Seduced by beauty and honor masquerading wealth and position.

Distraction is necessary from the barbarous points crafted to wound.

Each level achieved is strewn upon architectural plans of schemes.

Weavers are warping, mixing and plaiting inside hidden frameworks.

Agendas constructed in selfish wisdom turned folly as builders turn left and then right

Spinning yarns into fabricated webs of damask coverings.

Spread upon a loquacious fellows plotting to turn the red pale from fear and fright

Riding upon steed of strength this white knight appearance set to conqueror.

Bereft of arrow he bows to human might and power to confirm his own peace.

A mirage of deceit flows guiding those who follow even as his brilliant banner fails.

Divide and fall the mantra of knowledge as good is turned to evil and evil thought good.


Alas sweet light

Rend heaven once more.

Deliver us above

Fray of enemy presence.

Let thy voice shout upon the waters

Witnesses rise up and testify.

Though this table is delicately spread.

We shall not sit nor eat.

We await the one prepared.

Let us depart not alone nor first but in your hand in order.

Silence these sack cloth weavers.