Far away in times of darkness

When evil lords did roam

Stealing gifts from ladies

Expecting nothing from them borne

 Until once upon a time A King

Delivered by pain and strife

Sought and conceived in love

A queen laboring to be his wife

He first saw her at his feet

Lying curled up in the dust

Cast aside by pious men

Carrying stones they thought were just

 He stopped their accusations

Quelling religious pride

As he wrote a simple message

Bowing down toward her side

 She had walked into His chamber

Before the scepter fell

Boldness her crowning beauty

Sweeping over fearful swells

 Bowing first then falling

Among his robes so fair

He swept away her many tears

Her life had caused him bear

She whispered only these words

Upon his feet her royal throne

Thou art mine as I am yours

True love thou hast atoned

He asked her now who judged her

She looked to not one man

Just simply held on tightly

Sealed completely in His hand

Thou art my Beloved

Beloved thou art mine

Rest in sweet assurance

Until appointed time

 The King shall have his Kingdom

And his Bride will take her stand

Beyond deceitful measures

Of men’s invented plans