One of my favorite things to do is stand alone in a room full of people undisturbed in my own world of thought.  Each moment is carefully measured and weighed as I envision only the countenances full of ideas, dreams, beginnings, endings, tears, smiles, passions ranging across brows furrowed by anger or release as eyes drop and heads nod or shake with agreeable disagreements.

My greatest desire during such times is not to be interrupted, distracted nor suspended by conversation.  The words seem at times like this to be insignificant compared to the clear sound that beats beyond what in reality is being spoken.  The silent cap I place upon my physical ear opens a window of opportunity to sense a new realm of possibilities.

The spirit of each soul treasured plays dual roles within my own existence.  Passions sweeping by that can ignite a fire left smoldering into ashes and simultaneously extinguish with drops of love like dew another thought blazing a bit too wild.  A calming, stirring effect as inspiration respired moves me beyond being lonely into a paradise of being alone now in a room full of people.