Taking a risk and thowing it all to the wind..written as part of a challenge you can read all about, listen to the sound and then try it yourself!  Take a look here at The Arts Web Show….”Free Flow Poetry. Let Go of Reality”.

 i hear i see i know the time

i smell i touch this taste of wine

i the sense the bars of loves sweet rhyme

building moving

beyond sublime

i hear your breath as my hearts leaps

i see the fall as movements peak

i know the drums crescendo beats

through me in you

we rest in passions perfect place

two notes between the sheets of space

desire wrapped in the music’s pace

blending sending

new sound surrounds but we don’t hear

above the whispers nothings near

losing self without the fear

sounding pounding

can you write the music loud

can you keep the tempo proud

creating me within this sound

lifting, shifting

this perfect love within me folds

running melodies we have told

of notes we now are sung as one

meeting, melting, brushing, bending

composing out the perfect score

 I hear it

I see you

I know us

We sense it


touching keys in twined as chords

rolling on unending shores

of music