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For those who might have had the good fortune or maybe not so good fortune depending on ones style to ever hear the B-52 1983 album “Whammy” there was a really “new wave” sound added as the last tract on this album called “Moon 83″   

There are 83 words contained within the above box.  I pulled them all out and sent them ALL to the moon.  Try it if you dare!  Write your own perfect letter to anyone you like but you can only use these 83 words.  (Word Count Tool)  If you give it a “shot” please link back so I can read your letters..who knows this could be a “Weekly Whammy Wednesday”

Dear Moon,

I have fallen for your lunacy

Possibly just a phase you’re in

But it just seems more real

And right

Control me completely

Pull the tides of my soul

Close to the shores of your face

Wash my eyes from the blinding assaults

Let me just bathe in the serenity of your

Pure reflected light

This moment this day

My only desire is to dip within

Your tranquil seas

And cool the harsh reality

Held behind these tear burned orbs


Moon Eye Pictures, Images and PhotosBy and4vlad
Moon Eye


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