I wrote  today from a heart that was shaken by grief.  I awakened this morning to news that a dear very young girl was now gone.  This girl was a daughter and sister to two very good friends of mine and I had watched her grow up as well as her own 3 children she leaves.

If by chance words here or there that I’ve posted offended or caused any harm please accept my sincere apology.  I wrote this morning for my own selfish need to escape if but for a moment.

Possibly some of my words were just a bit too hasty but I wrote this morning not needing to think but pour out thoughts over reality that seemed a bit too cruel.

I am selfish at best on most days…but this morning is changing my perspective as well as adjusting my priorities.

This morning I saw strength within a mother that human eyes seldom get to see.  She stood holding a telephone talking to one daughter with calm assurance only a mother can give.  She put aside the need to grieve one daughter as she encouraged the one on the line for this child was herself standing by her own daughter laboring to bring her own new life into this world.

I stood watching her as she stood between  joy and sadness.  This morning I watched grief so unselfishly postponed to celebrate life.

This morning I missed my friend whose  life was cut short by a car accident before we graduated high school.   This morning I grieved once again for one of my best friends who lost her battle with cancer but a won the most important victory one could obtain.

This morning I grieved my own loss. 

This morning I realized that not one good moment of my life can I take credit for because I owe a debt of gratitude to those I call my friends.

Regrets yes, I have too many to count.

So this afternoon I will not allow not even one more regret to accumulate.  To my friends young and elder, old and new I love knowing you all.