His heart was timid behind his bold frame.  I could hear his true identity through the walls built up in his body thickened by years of training his fleshy veil to endure.

I longed to just hold him and soften the blows of time with whispers toned to the right edge of loves healing sword.  I wondered aloud within myself if I should attempt a breakthrough or watch patiently for an invitation. I never realized the purpose of the encounter was for my own healing.

The doors I discovered circumspectly appeared locked inwardly. Yet the keys hung outside upon nails haphazardly driven into shallow places.  My heart splintered to witness the chasm created by the irony of these great pillars and posts of assault some fashioned by my own hand.

I listened for entrances into such a fortress until at dawn I heard a subtle crack.  The low rumble was not detected from beneath the sure foundation underfoot but within the heights of his own wisdom’s head.

Quietly without enchantment or charm I removed the one key of understanding and accepted the way to my desire.  Deeply past all the forms and images of pretence I steeped into his light.  He invited me in once I was willing to take a leap of faith past the shadows.

I have discovered the treasure of an ancient wisdom.  He is my beloved because I am his and my words have never been my own but a braided sometimes twisted arrangement of his own.  We are one.

He unravels the twisted yarn as I rest in his arms.  Each knot is straighten into one perfect line.  He strengthens my weakness.  He covers my faults.  He loves me not for who or what I am now but for who and what I am destined to be.