It’s no secret to those who have seen me to know that I like food.  Yes I admit to being “over-weight” whatever that means for whoever sets the standards.  I tend to like my grandma’s term much better she’d always say, “you’re not fat, you’re big boned.” 

The things I enjoy I tend to try to do a great deal.  It just makes sense to me.   Most every memorable occasion in my life has revolved around food and family.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Morning time and cool evenings just make me crave grits pretty much in my opinion grits are just fine any time.

So to say I like food is sort of an understatement.  Skinny people fear they may turn out like me but then again I have skinny family members that probably eat tons more than I do so go figure..the pun is intended.

That all said without even mentioning my desire for a bag of Reese’s cups all to myself my fatness, obesity or big bones is not the thought rambling in my head tonight. 

Tonight I’m remembering the table.  I sometimes think that every thing that is wrong with this world or at least a large portion of it can be contributed to the fact that not many people gather around the table anymore.  They gather around a table with a great many names but not the table.   I’m glad I have memories but they only make me long for the table more.

I’ve sat down at a lot of tables in my short time here on this planet.  I’ve gathered around tables as a guest, a customer, a friend, a co-worker, a member of a local church body, a neighbor, an alien in a foreign land, and last but certainly not least the family tables far away, across town, and as close as home.

I have but one table left that I long to be a part of and I’m ready, prepared and from my years of rehearsal know when it’s mealtime.  There’s a certain sound, there’s a distinct smell and then the call that around my family goes something like this, “come on it’s time to eat.”

The table I yet desire will have all those components prior to the call.  There’s a certain sound in the air and you just know preparations are made, there’s a hunger that’s triggered simply by the memory of something once savoured.  The call will come too and I don’t know the exact words but for me any of those I do know are more than sufficient for me to hope for what I don’t know.  So whether it’s, “Come up hither!” or “It’s time or any other word or words chosen it’s fine with me.

I expect the call any time.  I await the call with anticipation and the hunger is growing.  A word of caution here is needed and it’s something shared with me by a dear friend hungry people will eat out of a trash can.  Spiritually speaking I’ve been guilty of that a few times and even more sad I’ve offered a good deal of trash in my time.  (Lord knows if I’m gonna be honest about my weight I can come confessing my own sins also.)

The world just seems awfully hungry right now and not a few tables are being spread wide and long most behind closed doors in the past but lately the world seems to have flung open a door to tell all.  Every side is bidding come over here we have the answers.

I’m indeed turning a deaf ear to the worlds cries.  I’m just not satisfied with the sound, nor the smell nor those attempting a call these days.  Doesn’t matter to me whether it’s the majority or minority the numbers don’t concern me great nor small I’m just not interested in what’s being served up.  It’s not  “fishy” it’s a lie and an old lie that’s been circulating for ages now throughout the air.

There’s only one answer to every problem that is true.  All others answers circle around the table of truth as an ever present enemy. 

So you can take your place at a table or wait for the table the choice has always been there for each to make.

1Cr 10:21 Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils.

I’ve made my choice by what I’ve seen and followed by the examples in the lives of people who mean more to me than my earthly flesh can tell.  You see for all my life I’ve been served.  I don’t remember the women in my family ever sitting down while the meal was taking place.  My mother and my grandma before her and all my aunts always just served the table.

It was only after all others were served that they would find a corner or a piece of floor and quickly grab a bite in a hurry without ever taking their eyes off the table lest something was needed by someone.

I thought really hard about that and you know I was blessed by that example and I thought is that not who and how the church should be?

My family was large but the food always was enough for us and the frequent guest or guests who once they walked through the door and sat at the table just became one of the family. 

The conversation for the women always centered around the partakers of the food.  “Do you need anything, did you get some of this or that, you should try this, that over there, don’t forget the —–, do you like it, is it seasoned enough, is it hot or cold whatever it needed to be that’s what they need to know that it was which brings in a whole new topic.

There’s some foods you want and expect to be hot and some you want cold but I can’t think of a thing we had that we wanted somewhere in the middle of the two where you really were confused as to what it was supposed to be.  The same is true for what you drink.  Who in this world could stand a cup of tepid coffee or tea yep it’s gotta be cold or hot.

Now when it come to that cold or hot topic it depends on the person for some things like banana pudding and peach cobbler or potato salad.  I like them all hot others prefer or can eat them just as well cold.  With the potato salad there is even the added danger if you leave it out it can make you sick so it’s beneficial to eat it or refrigerate till needed again hot or cold.  That’s a rabbit trail for another time so enough said.

Today’s grace is sufficient for me in knowing that I have a place at the table.  I accepted the invitation, I await the call and I will sit down not as a guest but as a Child of the King because my Father is at the head of the table and He saved my place.

Until he calls I’ll be thinking about the table for awhile…in fact I think about it a great deal…

Past post October 3, 2008

The Family Table