Outside my window is a world of possibilities, inside a world of dreams.  I wake each morning to choose which place I will venture.  The decision for quite sometime has been the same.  I have chosen to step out and sit inside.

Stepping out of the world to sit and study quietly.  I watch all the events.  I hear news.  I hear rumors.  I hear gossip.  I hear truth.  Possibilities left aside I just sit and reflect on all of the opportunities my life thus far has afforded.  My life is full.  My life is complete.  I have no single experience left that I need to enjoy.

I’ve seen the best of times and I’ve seen the worst of times in my short journey.  I’ve read of better times and worse times in the past.  I know that the future holds more of the same.

My dreams are simple.  My life complex.  I enjoy being different.  I enjoy debate.  I love a good argument and the challenge of not agreeing.

My window is diversely paned.  Each square holds it’s own unique vision.  Each vision not complete in itself but a small part of the larger whole.  Each is framed by raised hard lines except the last where the line is broken and removed leaving behind an expanded view of what is to come.