My ear is marked by piercing

Upon my mother’s door

I refuse to leave behind

The Word born true and sure

A slave I choose to be

Inside a house of life

I am humbled every day

Sometimes shaken by the strife

Perfection is the goal

Not achieved by might

But upon sweet words of Wisdom

Whispered in the night

“What will be, will be”, she sang 

“Don’t worry about tomorrow”

“Rest assured and close your eyes”

“Parting brings no sorrow”

“You are brought by the Creator”

“Of all of this you see”

“His light is always perfect”

“Shining down on you and me”

“You will one day leave me”

“For the Father’s will is always done”

“Remembering not the darkness”

“When the perfect kingdom comes”

“So let not my rocking frighten”

“Nor my sighing make you fear”

“My arm is but a cubit”

“Placed beside his ear”

“I hold the mere reflections”

“Images impure”

“God alone upon this rock”

“Stood and spoke it’s cure”

“Look up unto the heavens”

“Dream awake in heart”

“Speak his name so Holy”

“Loud whispers through the dark”