When I was much younger I used to climb on top of the shed in back of my home and lay on the roof.  I could spend hours looking up into the sky at night.  I still enjoy the night star-gazing but roofs are just a childhood memory now.  

The reason for my leaving the rooftops behind is a fear 0f heights an uncomfortable malady that grows with my age.  “They say” Don’t look down that’s the cure all for height fear.  I’ve tried but even when I look straight ahead or up the thought of what’s beneath me is so etched in my mind that fear doesn’t subside with a change of eye direction.

The night time is the most amazing time for me.  Fear of the dark is the number one plague upon my person for as long as I can remember and yet the night attracts me like no other time. 

During my times up on the roof the sky above looked like a large cup turned upside down over me.  It was as though I was safe inside another world.  I could look to the left, the right or just upward straight ahead and it was all the same; darkness all around with tiny dots of light scattered in every direction.  The only thing not visible to me was what I left below.  I could feel the strength of the structure against my back.  I could feel the coolness of the tin that covered the structure, but the darkness and shadows of the world beneath were not even a distant memory up here everything was forgotten outside of the cup.

I look up at night at the innumerable lights and just call them stars.  I know enough to understand that everything that shines out there is technically or scientifically not a star but it’s common to label them all the same, “look at the stars”.  I have never been able to identify one from the other nor do I see the pictures that astronomers have mapped out.  I just enjoy the dots never interested in trying to connect them.

This is how I view them.  Every tiny dot of light is a messenger with a message.  Some hold only one word of the message others more.  The ones that seem bigger to me may not be truthfully the largest just closer to me than the others.  Some string together each holding their part of the message to make a complete thought.  They fall.  They streak across the sky.  They twinkle, blink, shine, pulse, grow brighter and dim they appear alive, remarkable and always present looking down.  Even when the sun is shining so bright they appear hidden you know they are out there each fixed in there distinct position following there specific course.

I have a few that are special for me.  They seem bigger, brighter and more unusual than the rest.  In particular one seems to be made up of thousands of tiny blue lights encircled by a band of white ones appearing like sapphires surrounded by diamonds.  This particular star occasionally would peek almost deliberately through the blinds in my bedroom window as though watching as I looked back.  Crazy as I am most times I even greeted the far away light some nights when it made it’s appearance and some nights I even climb out of bed and searched for it in the sky for no other reason than to just know it was still there.

I could have studied all of this formally since I have the capacity and the freedom but for me it would have spoiled it somehow.  It’s like the difference in watching a new movie versus an old classic.  The new stuff is raw and leaves nothing to a pure imagination just vain images on a screen unlike the older more ancient times when you could just know without seeing it all.

I cannot see God but he certainly has beautiful handiwork. 

A multitude of heavenly host all singing.  The choice for humans is to discern the message.  Is that a siren’s song or Good News?  A temptation or truth?