Why do we ask questions? 

Is to get an answer the answer?

We ask questions for a variety of reasons even asking questions that we already know the answer to just to see if the person we ask will agree.  Words are important but what comes at the end of a group of words can be crucial.

A period denotes a statement of fact.  A question mark is just a period really with something on top.  So that little mark can change things a great deal.  Change and deals that’s what it’s all about now right?

Questions breed questions, adversaries and can continue until someone just gets tired of asking or answering.  Are questions some mad infinite circle or some straight line of reasoning to no where?  Ah that devil’s staircase of twisting and turning.  Up and down left and right….

You can ask me questions all day but if you want a true answer you’ll find it yourself.  I have an answer for everything and for every answer I have another question…and so you see this whole idea of questions just spins.

How can we unite if we can’t agree on what or who we are going to circle around?

My answer is not to circle.  I just stand in one place.  I question myself, I question what I hear.  I question what I see.  I make a choice.  Most people I know think I’m just black or white with no grey area.  Truthfully I’m neither of those three. 

It’s not about good and/or evil or any one person’s personal interpretation of what that is or is not.  If that’s all there is then who is going to decide?  Your knowledge of what is good or evil or my knowledge of what is good or evil?  I believe the tree of the knowledge of good and evil started with a question.  If everything is black and white which one is good and which one is evil?  If you eat both assuming that they are two separate things is that how you get the grey area?  Was it a single fruit with too many questions within?

Like a sort of fake fruit that looks like a fruit and tastes like a fruit and appeals to all the senses but in reality is not a fruit at all but look closely it is a fruit it just keeps it’s real substance hidden…

So here’s a question what is the kingdom of Moscholatry?  That just happens to be one question I really don’t know the answer to nor do I seem to be able to find the answer.

Somehow this is connected to Jeroboam a bad guy who deserves another look these days…

All the questions in the world are summed up in the words of Jesus…

Lovest thou me more than these?