You know most of us think we would love to stand before the Lord in heaven but we couldn’t face Mary much less the Lord.  If you could meet Mary right now what would you say?  Now she didn’t get you there but let’s just say she gets to ask the first question on your arrival.  Could you really face the mother of the Lord and say anything?

Would you be ashamed to see her life and what she went through compared to yours?  The sacrifice, the pain, the pondering, the questioning, the rejection, the doubt cloud from every face she met..

I mean who believed she was a virgin? (then or now?)  She was a nobody from nowhere…really?  Was she not a citizen of the city of David by birth?  In fact was she not according to the scriptures from the very lineage of the house of David, the tribe of Judah?   She was young and lived  north of her nativity when an angel from heaven visited her…Lord today they would probably label her some UFO nut.  But was Mary crazy?

One thing for sure she began to show signs that she was indeed pregnant and I find it funny that this was the one piece of information she didn’t seem to have trouble getting anybody to believe.  This was a holy thing indeed.  She was declaring that she was pregnant and she knew and Joseph knew what they had or had not done. 

Can you imagine the pain in her eyes when the love of her life that she was betrothed to be married didn’t even believe her?  Poor Joseph he loved her like Adam loved Eve he just thought….I’ll put her away…hide secretly.  Oh but the cruelty of God he sent a messenger from heaven to Joseph and confirmed Mary’s declaration.  Now we’ve got two UFO nuts.

Jesus said I am the door.  That being true then Mary was the hinge and Joseph the thresh holding doorkeeper.  Bitterness he will add if you are not snatched up and carried over the threshold by grace.

Son graciously behold your mother’s bitterness and bitterness behold your son’s grace.