Jesus is the vine, the true vine.  Nobody else is the vine, anything that is presenting itself as a vine is a fake.  Jesus said his father is the husbandman.  Nobody else, the Father of Jesus is the husbandman of the true vine.  So God is the husbandman, Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. 

Now a vine is strong and visible like roots are hidden and firm the vine shows the strength of the root.  A vine has the same character as the root.  In my observation both vines and roots are the same one just a visible extension of the other.  The act and appear the same.

All of us here we are branches just tender, little, bendable, breakable branches.  A branch just holds the fruit.

Outside of the door of the vine you will parch and dry up and men will gather you like sticks just to keep the fire kindled and burning.

The point is to know your true root by looking at the vine.  If the vine is good the root is good…and the vine bears fruit.

My grandma used to say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  So when I look at branches then I want to see them on the tree or in the vine otherwise it’s just sticks and the only thing I can do with a stick is burn it.

We’ve got a lot of stick people walking around.  Empty dry little branches but the curious thing is they think they are vines.  They seem to have not noticed that they have been bundled up for the fire.  They mistake their thickness and call something by a name it is not. 

Amazing…perception when you think you have arrived but you are fallen.  That’s the same as calling good evil and evil good.  This world has it all.  How do we tell the difference?  Looks good, feels good, sounds good well then ask yourself is it God?  What did God say?