Dear me:

Hang in there.  He really is going to come for you.  I know things look strange and every person with a voice and a platform seem to have the answers but you know.

Faith is the most important part of you.  Remain faithful.  Full of faith.  Just keep reading and reasoning.  Just keep watching and waiting.  Don’t fear what you see trust who you know.  Faith is what he will be looking for all you have to do is look for him.  It’s hard walking by what you hear from God.  He understands.  Remember God is your Father and when all is said and done and time is no more He will have the final word.  Remember he is the only one you have to please and you already know that he approves.  You have followed the right path to approval you studied, you study and you will go on studying.

God will answer all your questions and you can know all things.

Hang in there you will hear.  You won’t have to put your trust in someone else to tell you when it’s time.  Your Lord himself will call you. 

Hold fast to the promises…it is closer now than it’s ever been and pray.