Been their done that.  Forty two years ago we called it “Dark Shadows” today they call it “Twilight”.  I was in some deep kind of pre-teenish to teenage love with “Barnabas Collins” today’s youth are head over heels for “Edward Cullen”.

Dan Curtis created “Dark Shadows” said he had a dream a young girl on long train ride to visit a mansion.

Stephanie Meyers is the author of “Twilight” which was the result of a dream she experienced of a average girl and a not so average guy in a meadow in deep conversation…

Maybe these two folks in a parallel universe of dream world had a strikingly similar experience.  The stories or should I say “dreams related” have different lines but the core seems old and familiar.  Maybe then it started and now we see the rest of the story new generation style.

Either way today’s “Twilight” is yesterday’s “Dark Shadows” in the sense of the following. 

It’s just funny how something can be such a new sensation to a new generation yet it’s roots are incredibly old.

I can’t find fault in this new “twilight” craze because I was a “shadow” junky….even had the game.

Vampires these messengers of light and darkness….all flesh and bone no blood yet driven by a desire for the substance they are lacking.

The vampires and werewolves are then and now similar.  Then it was Quentin now it is the Quiluetes.

It’s just that when I was younger I watched “Dark Shadows” simply because it was mysterious today I wonder about the deeper meaning of it all… know like it’s really hard to tell good from evil when they keep changing “roles” are is it the rules we are changing?????

Mysteriously that time when the sun goes down before the moon rises when we have no natural light source what is one to do?  It’s twilight and in this zone definitely some dark shadows here.  Then it took over 200 episodes before they located a vampire and then he was chained in a coffin in a mausoleum.  Today he is just part of regular society, going to school and all the other just normal stuff…The Cullen family ought to just take a minute and speak back to that older generation the Collins family and give a shout out like “we’ve come a long way” “you should see us now all accepted and everything.. Gosh we are such a progressive people but me I’m old school and I enjoy the mystery that shrouds the night. 

We used to watch this stuff to be scared and now the first comment after seeing the movie, “Oh he is so……….use your imagination and fill in the blank….Nothing new.