Now at first glance that title is an enormous oxymoron but only to those who don’t like grief and would not see any kind of grief as being good.  The title to me is just paradoxical because if I can get beyond my own opinion of grief being only negative then I can positively see the good side of grief.

We are all each others adversary in the flesh.  You say yes and I’ll say no.  You say right and I’ll say wrong..etc…and vice versa.

How do we reason together without grieving one another?

I don’t know maybe it doesn’t grieve anyone else but when I attempt to converse whether debating, discussing and yes even heated discussion qualifying as a quarrel or downright fight all for the sake of reasoning together and clarifying and learning and growing then I say that is “Good Grief”.

Grief is a word associated with dying and are we not as Christians supposed to die daily?

Again the scripture ask the question “Can two walk together except they agree?”

Agreeing to disagree is not an option and I believe it’s just plain an admission of stupidity.  Now I have and am still ignorant on occasion concerning some things but I do not want to be called nor do I want to be stupid.

Scripture is not for any one private interpretation yet we have countless people interpreting God’s word just to suit their own personal needs.  We all see darkly but we shouldn’t be one-sided creatures looking at one-sided creatures because we are all made in God’s image and God is not one-sided.

Even animals make sounds that just by the sound you can identify the beast but why he’s making the sound will require a great deal more observation.  I am ignorant as to what all animal sounds mean but I’m not stupid so I do know they are making a sound.  Example: If I hear barking like a dog is it always a dog?  If it is a dog then why is he barking?  Is the dog angry, scared, happy?  If the dog makes no sound at all does that mean it’s safe to approach always? The answers to these questions I cannot always answer correctly things that are merely natural are hard to discern.

We are taught in the scriptures that a natural (carnal) thing or being cannot understand spiritual things or beings.  If I believe this as true then if I am a spiritual being why would I pass judgement on someone who is not like myself (them being natural/carnal) or vice versa?  That would be like me condemning someone who spoke a different language as being wrong simply because I didn’t know the language.  If on the other hand I had a true desire to know you I would first learn your language.  I don’t have to know every language but if I meet someone and we can’t communicate because of a language barrier then one of us is going to have to learn another language.

Example:  Christian is walking down the street or in a restaurant etc. and a crowd is gathered.  The crowd is made up of every possible group of people imaginable.  Christian hears the group cursing.  Christian thinks (or God forbid more often doesn’t) and then makes a statement to the group.  You shouldn’t talk like that.

My question?  Why?

Why would Christian make the statement?  Why shouldn’t the others talk like that? 

Now, Christian obviously has what Christian would call a reason and it usually stems from a fact that Christian doesn’t talk like that and he is christian so others shouldn’t talk like that.  You know the WWJD (what would Jesus do) basis. 

Well first of all calling yourself christian is not wearing the name of God.  Christ is a title and to say you are a christian would imply that you are wearing the title.  Actually I read once that the term was actually a curse word of sorts slammed at the believers in the New Testament as a way of saying “little christs”.  I looked it up and the root of Christ is a word that means to rub it in….hmmm.  Rub what?  The Anointing that Jesus was anointed with…The Anointed One and His Anointing that’s it or better said the one who rubbed, is rubbing and will rub it in….

We know what Jesus was anointed to do because he told us and it is written.

The Spirit of the Lord [is] upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,  Luke 4:18

Now the way I read that scripture is that the “Spirit of the Lord” did the anointing and the “Spirit of the Lord” anointed Jesus and the purpose of the anointing was to do one thing Preach the Gospel to the poor.  The other things mentioned in this verse Jesus was sent to do but he was anointed to do one thing declare a good message to the poor.

Who are the poor?  The words meaning is defined as being anyone who obtains his living by begging.  This is not the working class but the beggars.  Check it out there are two different words for poor and here it is the word for beggars, the destitute, the needy, those lacking necessities, or forced to beg.  This word is the most common word for poor used in the New Testament.  The other word is used only once in the New Testament and it is in reference to God giving His righteousness to the poor using the word to mean the poor who labor for their living.  When we carry the righteousness of God that is hard work but the benefits are great and the rewards are unspeakable.

So we look at the poor.  The poor beggars.  The ones who beg.  The word has a descriptive meaning of to be thoroughly frightened, cowering down and hiding oneself in fear.  Slinking, crouching, revolving in wretchedness.  No position, no honor just lowly people destitute of life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness. 

The people who use foul language to me are like beggars who have no other vocabulary.  There not stupid but they are ignorant.  MF is a bad word to me because to me it seems a compound word for something no one should do.  I’m not going to hold a rally to protest the word I’m just asking why that word.  What does it mean?  It offends me because I’m a the word is a personal attack.  I don’t think anybody who uses that term even stops to think what they are saying and why.  Ususally people who use “bad” words are not thinking….they aren’t stupid they have the capacity to think so why not roll the word over in your head before you let it out of your mouth. If I’m going to be offended by your word I have to understand it so I’ve made the effort at least look it up before you use it.  But alas no one seems to carry a dictionary these days but most carry a cell phone with a capacity for most to log into the internet and check it out or at least phone a friend before you use a word that may not mean what you’re trying to convey.

So if you’re poor what do you want? Do you want to be rich?

What was the riches that Jesus gave these poor?  Grace.  Grace is freely given and makes one rich because it cost the giver his life.  Grace is to be our food.  Grace is to be our shelter.  Grace is to be our clothing.  What are we to give?  Grace.  How do we give like Jesus?  We say after praying thoroughly pouring out our heart nevertheless Not my will but thine be done and he allowed his self to die.

Good grief!!!! That’s still foolishness to the Greek/wise and a stumbling block to those who say Jehovah be praised.

How many are willing to allow someone else to hold the ball and run with all your might knowing the person you are trusting may just at the last minute pull the ball away and you fall?  That’s what we are as people we are either the one running or the one holding the ball….Charlie or Lucy?  Which are you?  Will you still run even after you fallen so many times?  Will you keep dropping the ball everytime and blaming the other person….Good Grief!!!!  Will you even sign a contract promising not to let go of the ball and yet pull it a away every time,,,until the end when in your own light you lose a bet and the ball finally gets kicked.  Good Grief!!!