It just get me how people will change their natural voices for any reason.  I mean I’m from the South and I’m country so pretty much “southern country” is what you get.  Whatever that means I’m not sure because most people say that southerners talk reaalllll slow.  I was southern born and raised and I talk really fast.  I lived in North Dakota for about 3 1/2 years and it didn’t change my voice one bit.  I understand accents some are really prominent and you can determine right away where the person might call home.  I mean their are German accents, British accents etc…but that’s not what gets me.

What really gets me is knowing someone and hearing someone and being familiar with the way they sound and all of a sudden they seem to take on a different sound.  It’s like growing up with someone and one day they own a business and you visit them and you hear this person speaking in some new accent.  Your friends go off to college and travel only 1 hour away from your hometown and when they return….new accent!

But my all time thing that just gets me is “churchy” folks who have a normal voice and then they have that religious voice.  Total change in accent, tone, inflection etccc.

I can’t do it justice with words to describe what happens to these people it’s one of those things you just have to see and hear.

Why do people have to put on such a front and think that.. that is impressive?  Like in order to say God it makes the word more important if you say the word with a deep voice.

The thing that really gets me is people who sing and lead others in singing.  Those people not all but the few that really get me are the ones that sing really well but by the time you get to the singing part you are so disgusted with the way they sounded you just can’t get past the fake to be lead anywhere.

I’m truly not sorry at all if what just gets me offends anyone until someone can please tell me what is accomplished by all the showmanship of a ring leader at a three ringed circus who is supposed to be a worship leader for the church if you can’t just pass me some cotton candy because that’s what the mood set calls for at the circus.

That’s just what gets me.  I’m sure I’m not the only one but possibly I will be the only one to just type it out loud.  “MAY I DRAW YOUR ATTENTION TO THE FIRST RING COME ON EVERYONE JUST LIFT YOUR HANDS AND GIVE A GREAT BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE TO……..(wHAT?)  “OH COME ON NOW AND LET’S JUST GIVE HIM (wHO?)  LET’S HAVE CHURCH TURN TO YOUR NEIGHBOR AND SAY….”  \

Do we need cheerleaders or ringleaders in the church?  You know their are true worshippers and I’m all about submitting to leadership when I hear God and the Spirit of God I can follow.  I don’t have to worry with God he walks with me and talks with me throughout the narrow way out here in the world so I recognize God and His Spirit.

What get’s me is when I see one of God’s very own that God gives a gift to and they take the gift and own it.

The gift changes somehow and becomes something else that surely isn’t God and doesn’t even resemble nor sound like the real person…or at least not the one we all know and love.

What just get’s me is the fact that most are just “apeing”….monkey see, monkey do and all the other monkeys follow.

That wouldn’t get me if I believed in evolution because if I believed that little theory I could at least hope the ones who just get me would evolve into upright mankind.  But alas I believe God and God alone creates and gives us life.  I’m just asking what is wrong with the person God created you to be in the first place?

You don’t have to speak deeper or in my opinion speak in a fancy made up voice that you think sounds “spiritual”.   It’s just gets me when some folks can say God and it truly sounds in vain because they say it’s all about God but it’s sounds like they think the song is all about them…that is so vain.

I’ve heard God use people to sing and God moves me deeply through music.  What get’s me is when the man is so prominent that I can’t hear God and when I don’t respond to the man the man is angry.

I love God because he first loved me.  When I get into a quiet place I want to sit until I am washed over by the thought of that kind of love and when that God kind of love surrounds me then I might just break out into a song……………………I may just sit quietly and weep, I may shout, I may lift my face up and just breathe…i may feel the need to just read his word quietly….God moves me a thousands ways and each one as new as the day…..

 you know the bottom line that just gets me is we ordered God right out of the building because man dictates the order of service….and that is out of order….

Thank God He followed me home…God really just gets me and for me He’s enough…because he is always here with me and he never changes.



The greatest act of praise was heard in a garden when my Saviour said Nevertheless not my will…but thy will be done.

The greatest act of worship was heard from an old rugged cross when my Saviour looked down and said “Father forgive them they know not what they do.”  When I think about the Lord it just Amazing Grace and that can’t be contained in a building…

The greatest service is when we say nothing at all………Then sings my soul!