I am a gifted speaker.  I say gifted because it’s just that simply a gift from my Heavenly Father. Everyone would not agree with me for some folks see my gift as a curse.  I know that my family and teachers have many times wished they could shut me up but you see that’s the thing with a gift from the Father no one can take it away from me because no one is more powerful than the giver of the gift.

Gifts from the Father are not your ordinary gifts.  Usually a gift when given is yours.  Gifts from the Father are never owned.  I like to say it this way with my gift I don’t possess the gift the gift possesses me. 

I’m kind of like one of those “nesting dolls” you can just open me up or pull off layer upon layer of my outer shell and you’ll find a perfect replica of the same only the form becomes smaller and smaller.  Inside I know that I am really, really small it’s the layers of living life that make the object appear larger than normal.  If you spend enough time with me and all the layers are pulled off you’ll find the smallest form left cannot be opened nor pulled apart it’s sealed, complete and one pure form that cannot be separated.  I have many empty outer layers but the center of my life is solid and seamless.

The voice of that small form is just as loud and long winded as the bigger outer shell and a matter of fact the smaller my outer shell becomes the more distinct and clear the voice becomes and herein lies the rub for the enemies of the voice.

The enemy attempts to destroy the outer shell only to find another lying underneath and when he has broken me down to the lowest smallest form the enemy sits back with a sort of satisfied smirk of victory until the enemy hears the voice.