Since my formal school days are over I don’t go to the library much any longer.  I’m not sure how many people actually do anymore.  I’m sure there are those who do but with so much information available at our fingertips now beaming right into our homes I’m sure the numbers have fallen.


Today I remember the library.   I looked around my room at all the books I have in my quiet room and the memories seem to just flood in here.  I remember one library assistant in particular for one reason and one reason only.  She always said one thing, “Y’allll (in the longest southern drawl) get quiet now.”


We never were loud in the library but we did whisper and in the library even a whisper wasn’t allowed.  The library was for quiet.  Does anybody out there remember quiet?


This world we live in doesn’t seem to have a quiet spot left where we can gather together and just be quiet together.  I can get alone and be quiet even though that may be like the age old question of if a tree fell in a forest and no one was there to hear it does it make a sound?  I’m not sure if someone did enter my space they would hear the silence.  Sometimes the noise in my own head is deafening.


But I do have a desire.  If I could be granted anything this is what I want.  I want all the people of the world to just sit down and be quiet.  You can read, you can write, you can do anything else just don’t go anywhere or say anything.  I would want all television, radio and any other media outlet that makes noise to just shut down and be quiet.  I wonder what it would be like in a world with no noise.  I would even after a brief period of time break the silence and just talk to someone and have them talk to me rather than at me.


Does anybody just Come together and reason with one another anymore?  Seems to me the whole planet has lost the ability to communicate with one another.  Sometimes (and that is rare) I watch television and I get the feeling that we’re all supposed to be some kind of “stepford” person.  Call me crazy but when the talking heads talk I get a vision of people just staring glassy eyed taking it all in and then they just repeat what someone said.  Commentary is one thing but if we the people cannot listen to our leaders and understand what it is they are saying without someone else translating and explaining it all for days afterwards what does that say about us?


If you really listen to the media and you really hear them pretty much those of us on this side of the tube are just ignorant.  I can hear them talk and automatically I see this cartoon bubble appear above their head with the words, “let’s just say this now because they don’t understand and if we can just make it sound the right way we can……”.


Can you tell I don’t like election season?  Well if not let me make it perfectly clear.  I don’t like election season.  (That means I do not like election season.)  I don’t like politics (that means I do not like politics or politicians.)  I watch television to dump my mind for a minute or sometimes a few hours.  I don’t like reality shows because to me there is more reality (which is none) in a soap opera than what they call reality.  I watch a variety of things that make me go hmm but no real heavy thinking and more often than not it’s usually what would be considered sci-fi but you know today’s sci-fi is tomorrows future. (I don’t now what that means but it does make me go hmmm.)


That said will I vote?  Hmmmm.  I’m old enough to vote.  I have voted in the past.  I did not vote in the primaries simply because I didn’t want to get out of the house on that particular day.  Will I vote?  I’m undecided. (That means I haven’t made a decision yet as to whether I will vote because that day is not here yet and I don’t know if on that day I will want to leave the house.)


If I voted have a made a decision as to whom I would vote for specifically in reference to the Presidential election?  Let me see hmmm I know who is running in the two major parties (meaning I know the names of the nominees for the Democrat and the Republican ticket).  Do I really know them?  No.  I know what they say their names are but in one case even that may be a little shady.


Here’s what they say, (now close your eyes and for those of you who can remember an episode of Charlie Brown and recall a classroom scene and remember how the teacher sounded when she talked?  That’s what I hear “they”/”them” say…just wonk,wonk,wonk,wonk etc…… (that means something like blah,blah,blah…or yadda, yadda, yadda…)  For me in any language it’s all just noise.


It’s not that I’m naive or unintelligent; it’s not that I don’t have the capability to learn it’s just simply that I hear noise buzzing, irritating noise like static.


I can sit here like I used to when I went to the library and read, just read anything my heart desires.  I can travel to a thousand lands; enjoy the company of a thousand different characters of all shapes, sizes, creeds, gender and race etc..I can believe in fairy tales and debate the validity of historical documents.  I can learn, grow, be entertained, experience every emotion possible and then some and never make a sound.


Someone once told me that someone else made a statement in reference to me.  They said, “she sure doesn’t like people.”  My response was, “They” are absolutely right”. (“That means “they” is a liar but I am a “________”  (the dashes mean I don’t care to put a label there because the word I commonly used I’m not sure what it means to everybody else which means I don’t know what to call myself but I know who called, calls, and will call me) and the Bible tells me that when I meet my adversary in the way agree quickly so I did.) I have a question for “They” why can’t they ask the question or make the statement themselves?  They always say but they never to the party to whom they are speaking about and if you ask a question they don’t know. (That’s something that really makes me go hmmmmmmmmm.) They has never spent time with me alone long enough to know me so is they seeing they?


The truth of the matter is I don’t have a problem with people.  I am a person.  I can stand in crowds full of people and smile and make gestures and nod and play nice and never say a word.(That means when I talk people usually get that deer caught in the headlights look and “they” runs away.)   I like people fine. (that means I don’t have any particular dislike for anything I see.)  What I have a problem with is the arrangement of words that come out of the people.  You can say just one word and it can have multiple meanings.  You can take that word and use it in a sentence and possibly the meaning becomes clearer.  But when you say something during the conversation that means one thing and then say the exact opposite and say that’s what you believe then I’m stunned.  (that means I go hmmm (even if it is just inside my own head.)


Let me give my explanation to all of that. Here’s the example of how I see politics.  One side is at the North Pole (that means where Santa lives) and one side is at the South Pole (all I know about that is penguins live there…but you give me a moment and another minute of time and I’ll just Google me up some education on that.)  Anyway you got Santa and the Penguins each at opposing poles and all around the rest of the globe is a vast array of others from East to West in either direction.  These other folks (by those I mean the east and the west whether its the northern or southern persuasion) let’s call them the E’s and the W’s break down into further subgroups the NE’s, the SE’s, the NW’s and the SW;s or translated better by character and not necessarily geography they are the collective “knee’s, the see’s the new’s and sue’s. (that means you got some that bow, bounce, dandle, etc…the knee’s, you got some that watch, look, and Google the see’s, you got your new’s that always want change and the sue’s or the swings just which ever way it goes.)


All the E’s and the W’s and their collective subgroups are told repeatedly they have to make a choice.  So they make noise from the North and it echo’s back and they make noise from the South and it trickles back down and all the E’s and the W’s are pushed and pulled by the magnetic force of the poles until one or the other gets them latched in to one ‘poll”/pole  or the other.


When the fateful day comes and you get to push the button or blacken the oval, or punch a card or whatever it is you do you will all come into unity in a line somewhere.  You will get to go by yourself behind the curtain with paper or screen and perform the magic trick that will save the world.  (That means a huge “gale” has just whisked you away and you have arrived over the rainbow into the Land of Oz.)


My definition of politics is this: it is a compound word from the two words pole and ticks (that means you’re either up one or the other or it will up you and somebody might just need to check your head for the parasites)  (I’m almost sure that means we’ve all been in the forest too long and can’t see the trees)


All that means is this is just a bunch of words strung together on a screen making no sound. 


I do know one thing I don’t have to look far to find a straw-person with no brain, or tin-person with no heart, and Lord knows how many times I’ve roared like a lion with no courage but at least I learned from the book to just know that and admit the fact.. I have met myself on the yellow brick road in every form and fashion and may I never forget that the reason for this journey into the unknown was to discover my desire is to return to the familiar place…there’s no place like home and all it takes to appreciate the meaning of that is just to wake up….when you do be quiet others are studying.




Shhh I’m in the library reading up on Santa to see if he’s real.