Quietly I clear my eyes to awaken from my sleep.

I shake away the yesterday and leave it covered deep.

No sudden movement can I make just a slow revealing trust.

As I walk into another day upon Earth’s broken, shaky crust.

This day is an open window my pen will draw the panes.

I pray for no marred vision as the first strokes hit the plain.

Will I keep it simply four-square or create a lattice-work?

My passion is to just pour it out not make another “berk’.

Words on a screen can be seen in ways and misconstrued by some.

Yet I trust the miracle of this day that one word of truth may come.

So for all fellow travelers another day is here.

Don’t look for signs and wonders just have an ear to hear.

This is the day we call today so now is the time.

I rejoice in the reason the rest is just a rhyme.

I can sing no “song of six-pence” I have no pocket full of rye.

Just letters on a window screen in black and white I cry.

I would not be heard so settled for read as I stir up the fire.

Desiring not to burn but gently lead today is my desire.