There was An Old Woman

Recalling a childhood little ditty that has a line, “I don’t know why she swallowed the fly, perhaps she’ll die.” I know why she swallowed the spider next line coming will tell you why.

Answer to catch the fly. It’s a trap always has been you know a “spy-door” just flowing thin threads that create tiny little lines woven into webs to easily explore the beauty of intricate details. Pretty wise this spider who can build such a marvelous thing she just calls home and decorates it with unique illusions that to her seems natural but to one not of her kind it is a delusion.

How does the spider know the fly will be attracted? Does not the fly equally know that this wonderful invention that in the sunlight looks like droplets of sweetness hanging from silver thread of pure nectar is his coffin? Oh how I digress.

Now back to the fly? Why did she swallow the fly and did she die?

We don’t know why she swallowed the fly, but if you read on it is written she did die.

What’s in between the lines of this ditty that could hold the key to us all being witty?


Just look at the buffet this poor old woman’s discourse.

It’s a vast smorgasbord of no possible remorse.

She took in the fly we don’t know why

But every thing’s clear when you die to the eye.

Tis in hearing with wonder this old woman’s rhyme.

She ate all the wrong answers choking slower with time.

Each animal swallowed grew bigger still

Until the solution grew to be a hard swallowed pill.

None of this ditty really makes any sense.

For we only look at it all in past tense.

 But what if you were the one who should try

To find out a cure and forget all the whys.

Oh I can’t simply forget the first line of this thing

There was an old woman now what does that mean?

Was it because she was too old for a fly?

Or did she just swallow without even a try?

Those last two I assume and you know that saying is true.

Don’t make up new info or we’ll be donkeys too.

Is it all about animals this tale of the fly?

Or is it about an old woman who tried till she died?

I see that the above could combine to a point.

And settle this matter without a nose out of joint.

It’s not about animals, insects, or trees,

It’s not about the old woman who is dead now you see.

The end is the clue to solving this riddle

So begin at the end and go round in the middle.

Perhaps you’ll see the answer in part.

Before there’s a horse there must be a cart.

Where is that chariot with wheels clanging loud?

Not in the valley we look to the cloud.

A great band of witnesses after the fly

Don’t look at the outside give their natures a try.

 Still all confused with the words on this page.

Mess makes a message if given some age.

Old is not bad it brings wisdom refined.

A woman’s not bad though at times can unwind.

So what is the reason for this unlikely digestion?

You take a bite and offer a suggestion.

I am not at wits end or without answer myself.

Just curious to see others minds leave the shelf.

It’s all about pondering no right or wrong.

Just finding the Truth in the childish song.

I could phrase forever these catchy two-liners.

But curiosity calls to fellow opine-rs.

Don’t swallow my clues and just stand back with no buzz.

This answer is clearly wrapped in the fuzz.

This world has enough of natures to please.

But only the wise see the forest through the trees.

So I stop all this madness but not lack of thought.

And you just cease all that wiggling and jiggling for naught.

Sweep through this poem one line at a time.

See what you see in this woman of prime.

Last line here’s a list of all that poor old woman swallowed.


spider,bird,cat,dog,goat,cow….and last a horse..of course.