Those dots can now represent thousands of people in thousands of places, possibly millions but hey it’s hard enough for me to have the vanity to suppose that one other person besides myself reads what I write.  Never the less the potential is here. 

What price did we pay to build this towering highway of information?   Did we count the cost?  I love the accessibility of information.  I love to read and see what’s inside other people’s heads.  That’s all you can get from a screen just a mere glimpse of a mind and sadly too many “fleshy” images.  It’s all just body and soul on the screen.  Whether it’s all black and white or arrayed in many colors it still takes discernment to look at an image or read words and understand the heart.  Often we are too quick to opine and not wise enough to just glean the field take it all back to the house of your own mind and put down in your heart the good that speaks to you and cover the rest in prayer.


We all imagined some vain things in our lives.  Take a trip to the place where we most often view our vanity and just spend a good long time contemplating where you are….usually the bathroom that’s where vanity lives and vanity is flushed down and out into the places where it belongs.  One thing remains when you wash up from the evacuation you’ll face one image of vanity that never goes away, that man in the mirror is there.


You have to face that image in the mirror and some spend a great more time than others.  Myself unless absolutely necessary I’ve discovered that I mostly avoid mirrors of every variety.  Unless a stray hair arises pretty much I leave the looking glass alone.   This is why I think all the women contributed them in the making of the temple laver.  It’s why I think we have an exhortation for that daily washing in the word.  You know if your water bowl is lined in mirrors and you pour water on top of the mirrors and place it outside if the water is constantly flowing in and out rapidly it would be difficult to see yourself clearly.


Sadly our lavers here are full and nobody has changed the water in a very long time.  It’s not really inviting anymore.  The lavers seem like ponds, some stagnant and some dry both useless for reflecting, examining or washing.


I discovered a while back that the laver in the temple had a unique feature.  During the daytime the water flowed in and out that’s the norm and not unusual but at night the water was drawn out of the laver and held above the laver.   The water was hidden during the night.


That golden laver was the middle ground really.  The very core if you will.  The last thing we pass before exiting the outside to the inner courts.  Guilty I am of imagining at times that I’ve been inside.  Reality proves that I’ve only dreamed of such a place so much so that I forget what was behind me, the true debt paid that enabled me to get where I stand today.  Now dreams are great and imagination is not all bad just the vain kind.  This laver puts the mirrors to our soul to one last test before walking over the threshold.  Which brings me to another pondering I cannot shake from the web of my mind, it’s that kind of burning questions inquiring minds ask.  

We’ve made our church buildings bigger and call they call them mega but with the floor plan it’s seems that they become studios, enter in a door and jump right into bed.  Were we really ready for the intimacy with a Holy God?


We don’t come to a mountain set on fire with lightening and booming with thunder, do we?  I know one thing Jesus gave us a lot of credit or did he know that we like God’s chosen would do no better with understanding the ways of God.  Fear does a massive amount of damage, the fear of one losing his life is the greatest fear known.  Maybe the fear of losing our livelihood is its root.  Me, I rather be a quickened spirit than a living soul.


There is an old song that says, “Some through the waters, some through the flood, some through the fire but all through the blood.”  That’s what they call the refrain.  You’ve heard it said like this possibly, “Let go and hold on.”  The word actually means to repeat and also to hold back.  Funny how the things we should remember must be repeated over and over and yet we are still held back.  Just one more verse and we’ll get it.  Makes you understand why Jesus kept asking how long it would take before we just accepted by faith and rested in His promise.  How long must he remain before we get it?  That time period wasn’t known.  The Father knows best and He set the time.  Take a look at the season it would appear that with all our efforts to change the plan and keep this world spinning to our own liking is futile.  This young gal we call Earth is groaning.  Earth awaits one thing to be revealed, the sons of God.  


We got a myriad of offers coming in for the position.  Men and women arrayed in garments of flashy titles and riding white horses to save the day and we the people are what?  Are we looking a gift horse in the mouth?  Are we ungrateful?  The reality appears to be that we are stupid, meaning we stooped so low to everything we fall for anything?  What foot do we stoop to or are we even bending over any more?  I see the bending and the purpose for it is disgusting.  We are not serving one another anymore so you do the math as to what we’re being bent over for, and who is loading us and with what kind of pack.  Now my perspective is dim and truthfully all any of us here can do is see dimly but the noise is deafeningly clear.  We have changed so much we can’t remember what things are supposed to look like.  


Take that gift horse.  Throw that phrase around a little, really thresh it out and see what falls back.  According to research the phrase first appears in print in 1546.  That’s an “old” saying 462 years old to be exact by year.  No one knows who coined the phrase really people just heard it and repeated it and refrained again and again.  Back in the day when a man bought a horse he looked in his mouth to tell how old it was by the horse’s teeth. Go to the doctor, dentist or to prison today and one of the first things they will ask you to do is to open you mouth each asking for their perspective reason. 


The phrase we’ve accepted to mean something to the effect of when someone gives you a gift don’t be ungrateful by examining it to tell its worth.  Well according to scripture out of a man’s heart so shall he speak so you don’t have to reach your hand into someone else’s business nor pull the person apart just listen.  That’s how you agree with someone.  Whether an adversary or friend just agree in the way to listen the choice you make can be done quietly privately and personally as to whether you have a need to have an ear to hear what the spirit is saying.  Just know if there is nothing inside of you to reflect back the truth then you’ll repeat an error.  Mirrors will lie if we adjust them until they give our desired results.  Hey if they don’t lie we’ll just convince ourselves we see something we don’t or won’t.


I looked the phrase up myself and here’s what it said originally,


. “No man ought to looke a geuen hors in the mouth.”  Translation, “no man ought to look a given horse in the mouth.”  


Now here we see the problem I have with language.  I can read that a phrase a bunch of different ways and give a bunch of different meanings if all I had was just the written words.  The two words I can play with are the g word and the h word.  I can say the g word is given and agree or I can see it as possibly meaning “ge u en” meaning Gee you in?  Well that’s a given isn’t it cause anyone who ever plowed a mule knows that Gee means get up move to the right.  So I say again Gee you in?  Or do you just say, “Haw, wait a minute and Whoa just stop where you are and beat that mule to death because now Haw you is a going left.  Can you see where I’m coming from it ain’t just South, but because I can be a lady I won’t even tell you how I can read that h word just use your imagination.


My family taught me that if you didn’t work for something you didn’t appreciate it.  So that given horse will always be looked in the mouth and that’s a big ole hole.  The mouth of an animal is never satisfied.  That reminds me of another song my daddy used to play on the piano “Work for the night is coming”.


I don’t want a hand out I want a hand up.  So if I truly must give to receive here goes.



Grace is awesome but it’s not a license nor an entitlement nor a right and it’s absolutely not exclusive.  Grace ain’t grease and it ain’t an anointing.  You can smear oil until the whole body just slides down a proverbial slippery slope and it still don’t beat grace.  It’s not new and it can’t be improved it’s tried and True.  Grace is never broken.  Grace is found.  Grace is the forerunner for peace.  Are you truly charismatic?  Is charismatic too controversial for you then how about we ask it this way, “Got grace?”  If you remove the Head of grace, the knowledge of the greatest gift ever and you remove the fact that He IS then you’re left with a chasm you cannot cross.


We are all speaking in tongues and I don’t say that lightly with tongue in cheek.  Everybody is saying something and saying it a lot.  The words are just dropping like a veil over the eyes of the countless souls and the soul no longer even feels rightly dividing anything.  We quit standing upright for anything and fell for everything.  The wisdom we need is not so much to know what is being said but rather who is saying it.  Can we judge?  If we judge is our judgment righteous and true?


Ever wondered why a crown of thorns on his head?  Were they mocking a king?  Yes and we poor souls are still mocking.  Now I am a woman and I know about crowning because I’ve experienced it.  The pleasure of the first love pales and the fire burns and you work harder than you ever have in your life and you know what, the pressing and bearing down just numbs the pain and everything just became a blur.  No noise, no words just one last primeval grunt and you are delivered.  Look at that creature red, spotty, hairy, and wrinkled and yes it may even look cheesy but don’t just see the physical side, embrace the spirit of innocence and point them to Our Father and us with the love of a bride return to our husband.


There is only one Father of us all.  He is Holy and Hallowed in Heaven.  No one has ever seen him except the Son.  So my faith is built on the Son because my faith began in the Son.  My faith will end with the Son.  That’s why it’s Jesus Christ and Him only.  There is no other way to the Father but through him.  I have heard it is finished and by the same words I die daily yet I live not in myself but in that finished work of Grace.  Look at the beginning and see the Head.  Now declare the end from the beginning.


Good Morning Lord

Good Afternoon Lord

Good Night World

God Leads His Dear Children Along