What does that mean?  As a sister I’ve learned a few things about subtle creatures that twist words with a proverbial silver tongue and when you fall prey and are deceived it is not silver they crave but blood.

There never is a cold day in hell but occasionally I believe when deception is in progress there is a tendency to wander to the middle ground and give the appearance that maybe the pit is rather comforting sort of lukewarm but that is just the smoke of a fire burning your eyes and for a moment you lose a little perspective.  This is a good time to not be distracted by the smoke and look deep into the mirror of your own heart.  If that place is empty you’re in danger but for those of us who have hidden away the treasure of truth we find answers.  Throw some more wood on the fire and the real viper will stand up.  Be careful for he won’t slither away quickly but instead attempt to attach himself to the very hand that turns up the heat.  Remedy for removal is simple just shake it off don’t fear the marks nor the poison injected by that smooth voice promising a false redemption.

Beware of the praise on the lips of one who offers to sit at every table and provide.  His provision is simply empty words that aren’t even his own just a entangled mixture of confusion masquerading behind a false hope of change.  Bitter water and sweet from the same mouth is not new.

It is Written.

The LORD:  Where is Abel thy brother?

Cain:  I know not:  Am I my brother’s keeper?  Gen. 4:9

What “sister” is this strange man suggesting we keep?  And how would he propose she be kept?

I propose that a possessor is attempting to pierce your side my sister.  Attempting to woo you with charm when there is no real light just a display wall of mirrors that make you look good on this side but while your reeling and turning  in the fantasy you never realize that the walls are going up and the very thing that looked good will trap you within and cast you from the presence of the only true keeper of the “sister.”

The LORD [is] thy keeper: the LORD [is] thy shade upon thy right hand. Psalms 121:5

Scripture does speak of the “keeper of the women” the reference is in Esther.  Which countries is it that still have harems and would be in need of such an office?

If we pray tell find ourselves with one who would become a “keeper” that ones purpose is not freedom….”keepers” are for doors, gates, prisons, and dumb animals that can’t keep themselves.  Is that what we’ve become?  Dumbed down animals???  No, not all heed a call from the world.  We are in this world but not of this world so where are those who believe with all their heart in the kingdom to come?  Truth will set you free and that kind of perfect love throws down and away all fear of what men and this world can do.   

I come from a brotherhood of many tribes and nations and I love the brethren one and all and when I was born again by the Spirit of God I became a new creature……….a “sister” a bride if I’m to be kept it will be by the faithful maids and menservants, “men and women” who serve in the body of Christ his Church his sister, his mother, his brother…..He keeps us all who do the will of Our Father….you’ll know them the true the faithful by their love……one for another.  No one can take these for they willing offer themselves as slaves to one another for the cause of Christ and the love of God.  It is certainly true that kind of love is waxing cold these days.  We need to learn to be quick to hear but slow to speak.

I don’t expect all to understand just felt compelled today to shout from the rooftops……..Maybe it’s time for us to call on The KING of KINGS.  We are at such a time as this when it seems who we should be is not who we are but before the hangman comes should we not cry to the only one who payed the price to save us and has the power to do so? 


I come boldly before your throne not in my own name but in your Name….to say Father we have no excuse for what we’ve done.  We’ve heard you and yet we’ve chosen many different paths.  Forgive us these trespasses.  Let us not walk with fear and without hope but be courageous.  Let your strength be made perfect in our weaknesses.  Father my fear only lies in the truth that with such deception even your elect could be deceived.  Keep us LORD as I know you will according to your Word.  Father I trust you with tomorrow but Today I pray that all would Hear you.  Lord let me leave all vengeance in your hands for you alone are Just….I pray for all the leaders over me and my country LORD that your will be done.  I thank you for them and the country you have blessed me to live in and the others I have been privileged to visit…along with the others I have not seen.  The earth is yours and the fullness thereof and even with so great a grace that you so freely give we still as a people trample on it, reject it, refuse it and blindly attempt to make our own way.  But LORD you are The Way, The Truth and the Giver of LIFE so in humility I bow my crown to you.  In Jesus Name Amen.