I can’t imagine what it was like for that young girl from Bethlehem.  She was not just a young girl but a virgin.  That alone is hard to imagine these days especially in light of the fact that she was engaged.  That was the good “ole” days when a young girl would save herself for her one and only.   That must have been difficult but then again it was a long time ago before things changed I guess or have they changed so much?

Christmas is a time when even the Protestants talk of Mary.  We read about her.  We sing songs about her and we ask the question, “Mary did you know?” 

Mary did you know they still question your virginity?

Now there’s a question, I mean when a young girl with a steady boyfriend suddenly announces she’s pregnant well she must have known what people would think.

Mary was on ordinary girl from an ordinary town with an ordinary life until heaven invaded her ordinary with an extraordinary message.  Mary was alone when she received her message from a heavenly messenger.  She didn’t automatically understand so she asked, “How can this be?”  I mean after all we can see Mary was no dummy she understood where babies come from and she knew no man.  The answer came and she just received the message.  The message was as old as time and beyond time.  Now the message would be heard by all the world.  Who would believe Mary?

Joseph certainly didn’t, not just in hearing.  He was a JUST man and not wanting to go public decided to put her away privately.  Now isn’t that special.  Let’s just divorce the whole idea of marriage and a lifetime of happily ever after and go back to building.  Building is Joesph’s specialty.  Mary knew something Joseph did not know.  The LORD himself was building a house.

Truth is except the Lord build the house then it is pretty much vanity……………so God chose a carpenter’s betrothed to place himself within and reveal his house to the world.  Now Joseph was just a human, upright in his stature and human to the core. 

Humans tend to want to hide what they can’t explain in human terms.  Self preservation you know.  My girlfriend has sinned I shall hide her for her sin will be seen as my own.  Oh I hear echoes from a thorny garden.

Joseph was thinking and trying to build a plan and while he was thinking he was asking. And Joseph’s thinking and wondering caused him to be weary and he fell asleep.

Mary heard and conceived fully awake.

Joseph heard and when he awakened obeyed.

Joseph and Mary two people becoming one to carry and protect the Light of the World.

We could do well to leave the physical sleeping and take up the message from Heaven.