Pat a cake

Pat a cake

Baker’s man

Bake me a cake

As fast as you can

Pat it, roll it, and mark it with a ____________

Or pat it, prick it and mark it with a ___________

Or roll it, and roll it and mark it with a ___________

Put it in the oven for _____________ and me.

You can fill in the blanks with “B” for baby or insert whatever letter you choose to stand for the name.  I learned this one as a child.  Adults would clap and show me, then they would hold my hands and teach me and then I learned to do it all by myself for the sheer joy of accomplishment to impress the adults.

When I became an adult I showed, taught and watched my own children and now a grandchild.  As an adult I became the baker.  I must admit cake tasted much better when I was a child and someone made it just for me.  Some of the fun goes out of it when you become the giver instead of the receiver.  Then I discovered that giving was much better than receiving because just watching the enjoyment on the faces of those enjoying the works of my hands brings a new joy that caused me to forget the pain of the work and just rest in the look of joy on each ones face covered in more than just cake.

I guess if I never took the time to see the pleasure I would have stayed wearied in the work.

My favorite cake is birthday cake.  Real birthday cake that is homemade pound cake with real confectioner sugar icing.  I always knew when the cake was just mine and had my name on it but the  my name became less important to me when I discovered that it wasn’t about my name being on the cake…it was the cake when I was a child.  When I become a little older I came to appreciate the baker…

Then I heard a curious phrase,  “You can’t have your cake and eat it too!” well what good would it be to have cake if you couldn’t eat it?  I never really thought about it except that when I heard that used it didn’t make sense.  Today I learned that the way I’ve always heard it is not exactly how it was originally.  The year 1546 seems to be the earliest recording of this proverb.  The year 1812 the clauses were reversed.  So, if you have cake and you eat the cake you want have the cake.  That’s how it was first recorded.  But it’s just not true that way for me anymore.  I’ve had cake, and ate the cake and though I could no longer see the cake it was there in the fullness of joy and remembrance of the cake.  And yes I can have my cake and eat it too!

If I watch, learn and rejoice in the work knowing that the One who first taught my hands to clap was the One who did the real work He is the Joy…….I Re-joice knowing that even when it get hot in this oven we call life, even when the punches come I can roll with them because the present pricking of my life turned upside down and the marks of my tears upon my face are nothing compared to what He did when He wrote His name in the blank of my life.

Don’t teach your children to pat a cake they can’t enjoy. 

The way to the kingdom is through the heart of a child……

I watched as my mom and grandmother’s baked their cakes with all the ingredients measured and weighed.  Not equal proportions of each but just the right measure of each was mixed until all the ingredients become one.  Then after the vessel for the batter was prepared greased and covered they poured into the vessel.  Battered and beaten the mixture went into the vessel and place into the preheated oven and then…..

Don’t move, be still….don’t try to peek to soon………finally the smell filled the room….is it time……”NOT YET”  then an alarm sounded and the door was open and the vessel was removed by the same hands that made the batter.  I saw the top bumpy and uneven scars from the heat of the oven and I wondered how would it ever stand again.  Then she turned the cake over and on the bottom was the flat surface…just perfect for icing. 

Amazing how she would put the most uneven side down, it seem illogical but somehow that rough foundation held.  The ugly scars providing a sure foundation.

Somehow when all the icing is applied we get so “hyped” up on the confection we forget the process…..

But today I settled down and just listened and it’s just so simple you have to convert and be a child…………….

Psa 34:8 O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man thattrusteth in him.