Marriage is such an honorable position.  So honorable that scriptures use marriage to illustrate the relationship of Jesus Christ with the Body of Christ.  Jesus being the Head the Body being the Church. 

The buildings we now have are not the church for the true church is made up of a body of people with one head Jesus Christ.  So what do the people look like?  Do they look like Christ?

The scriptures command that we do not forsake the assembling of ourselves but this does not mean going to a building and calling that church.

Assembling ourselves means that the body is called out to unity with one another under Christ who is God and their is no other. 

A great friend and one I consider a true prophet has shown to me the following revelation.;

Unity does not mean uniformity. Although I have two of some things in my body they do not function alike or at the same time.  Example: In order for me to walk I have to put one foot in front of another or else I hop.   Now my legs are working in unity for the sole purpose of forward motion but though they are similar they are each performing a different task…one supports as one steps and so forth I go.

The above was a revelation revealed to my friend when he shared the truth with me he did not offer the revelation as his own but gave honor to God in the name of Jesus Christ for that was the chief source of the Truth.  My friend was merely a vessel God poured into and in turn He poured into me and I pour out in my own way.  The underlying cause of this revelation was unity in faith.  My friend and I share this faith.  While I did not receive the direct revelation I perceived where the information originated because the information cut me to my very core.  The Truth shared is now Truth that I bear the marks in my own body from the transformation that the revelation caused within myself.

I look at the body and see many members of which I am one….but we are very dismembered.

We come together regularly within buildings but we do not rightly discern the body of Christ.

People who call themselves by the name of Christ use the term Christian to mean a great many things.

How many are truly willing to marry?  How many are willing to commit themselves to “knowing” Christ?

A vast amount of people know my husband by name, by profession and his family and friends know certain things about him, but I “KNOW” him.  What’s the difference?  Time, committment and a closed door.  No other person goes behind that closed door.  We hide out for intimate times.  This is the time for sharing, communicating, making decisions and reasoning all together.  What we do in private reflects who we are in public.  You truly cannot “know” a person without intimacy.