Every night when my husband and I finally shut the bedroom door on the day the building begins.  The building process requires a great deal of adjusting.  We have found that we cannot just fall into place when it comes to bedtime.  Bedtime for us is like a finely tuned, expertly choreagraphed musical affectionately dubbed “building the nest”.  We move, we shove, we pull, rotate, flip, dig in and just when one gets it just right the other makes a unexpected turn and the entire drama begins again.  Building is not easy but necessary.

Comfort is the goal and I must say I don’t believe we have ever accomplished the goal.  Somewhere in the middle we resolve to be content with what we have and just rest. 

This morning as sunlight flooded through the window I realized that I had set a goal in comfort that I truly do not want to reach.  I’ve experienced moments of comfort and during those times I longed to just stay there wrapped in the comfort.  Comfort lulls me to sleep.  Contentment on the other hand offers true rest.  Comfort bids me stay.  Contentment allows me to move.

This morning my covers were a comfort.  My inclined position was a comfort….but as the sun rose higher I could not find contentment with staying within my comfort zone.

Comfort requires something outside of myself but contentment is a choice.

I cannot bring comfort to myself so I look for contentment…not settling and unmovable but content and unshakeable.

I left the nest.

I can remember the time when someone would wake me from my sleep calling get up, someone was always wanting me to move and go somewhere….even in waking hours there was always the calls let’s go, move over, come on….move, move, move…move here, move there, move over………motion, motion..

Then when I finally got the hang of all the moving and I no longer needed someone outside to tell me to move but developed an ear to hear the voice within me call………………….everyone outside screamed stay.

There is a time to go and a time to stay…

It’s time to get up………………up and out of our comfort zones………..I don’t know what the day holds but I do know who holds the day…….He is my comforter……and in Him I am content to leave the nest.