Well, it’s Monday and the wedding is His-Story…reality sets in and a mother’s heart is surely reflecting.  I cried most of the week prior to the wedding, and all the way through the wedding not sad tears just sort of sentimental ones at first and then they flowed with pure joy.  Decisions have been in abundance for the past year but it all came down to one final decision SHOES! 

Right about the final hour I located shoes and that in itself was a miracle.  It was sort of a midnight cry for me, walking into the last and final department store and finding a pair in the exact shade needed but not exactly the kind that my feet are accustomed to wearing.  The shoes selected were what are fashionably known as “peek-toe pumps” and while I didn’t mind the “peek” but the pump was truly a “peak” my feet had never ascended.  Nevertheless, I stood upon those mountains and moved carefully down the aisle without incident.

This morning I remember the labor of love fondly and I say that “tongue and cheek” because every inch of my body is groaning with the reality that I wore shoes I had not proven.  You know the story of David and Goliath how David told King Saul that he would fight the giant and King Saul offered David his armour.  David was a wise young man for he told King Saul to keep his armour for he had not proved it.  That’s what Saturday in those “shoes” was like for me wearing armour I had not proved.  (1 Samuel 17:39)

The difference in David’s story and mine is that David had proven something….his slingshot was tried and proven for me I had something that needed to be proven so I wore the shoes.

Saturday I developed a new walk.  Before I made my walk years of experience went before me.  Women who both in age and wisdom preceded me down the aisle leaving footprints of honor.  I could never compare to nor replace the walk of these Mothers so I just caught my breath and held my head high and trusted the foundation they laid before me.

The Grandmothers lead the processional with style and grace laying down a well worn path of tears and fears all covered by those beautiful feet.  The Mother before me was the grandest of all for she bore the feet of the one who would walk away with one of the greatest gifts God ever gave to me.

It came my time and I tell you my skirt covered my shoes and I’m sure no one even noticed them but my feet walked the walk of sweet suffering that day.  Every step was like a fire and my feet were literally being modeled and melted into the footprints I trusted beneath these shoes. 

The day I gave birth to my precious baby girl there was pain but after she arrived the pain wrapped itself in joy.  Saturday the pain was just as necessary yet the joy is somehow deeper…….

I learned something Saturday.  The Good News is all about the shoes. 

I have always liked the flat variety but when the walk is important sometimes you have to endure the suffering of standing upon heights you’ve not proven and trust the foundation laid before you.

I walked the walk and NOW I can talk the talk…….I’ve proven those shoes because I bear in my body the marks and pain of a good walk ………..I will continue to develop my hinds feet on high places for I’ve learned that if I can walk I will not faint……I pray I can now develop my feet so that I may run and not grow weary………for that lesson I’ll just sit back here in the valley and let My Beloved wash my feet………