Age defines the beauty of this woman and wisdom is her crown. Today she stands aside in the shadow of her star. Eyes are misty from the tears that once again flow. Years of pictures and voices flood her mind as she looks into the face of her daughter.


Like a mirror of days gone by she recognizes her own reflection, her image, her joy, and her seed. A seed of happiness, yet one of sorrow, it is a seed of priceless moments of pain and pleasure. A seed planted and nurtured by her own body for those first nine months, and yet a seed originated and designed by her Father. Yes, her eyes the windows to this bride open to the heart of her Father.


The mother stares for a few timeless moments recalling the pureness of love that created this fair creature before her. The moment seems almost too important to interrupt, yet her hand instinctively reaches out. Smoothing back a mass of curls she tilts her head to envelope herself once more in the fragrance of her precious one’s glory. More tears overtake the mother now as she is transported to a distant memory awakened by this embrace.


How many days has it been since she first caught the first scent of heaven’s perfume. The mother remembers the homecoming. She is finally alone with this one. So tiny, so perfect she dresses her for the first time. As she lifts the small one she catches her to her heart and breathes. To here there is nothing like the smell of her long awaited treasure. Words break through her dream as she acknowledges the purpose of this day.


Today she stands to adorn this girl in her final garment before she releases her to her destiny. The daughter has become a bride, yet remaining eternally the true and faithful seed that will unite this mother to her fulfillment as Comforter. The mother conceived her, receiving the seed unconditionally committed to the task. She has brooded over the seed, guiding and nurturing the seed through every wave upon this sea of life.


She adjusts a veil over the face as if to shield the light of innocence from those unworthy of such beauty. A smile crosses her face as she enjoys the knowledge that in just a few moments now the veil will be turned back. Nothing is lost this day.


Everything the mother has always known and the things she has pondered will be known to the world. The beautiful woman is her beloveds and the beloved is totally hers. The music signals, the time has come. Peace fills the mother’s heart, peace beyond understanding.


This is the peace that can only be manifest when the Bride is revealed. No one else but the heart of her Father has witnessed and known this creature before today, like the one who bore her. Never has the world stopped to think on the secret things. These are the places in time where heaven is silent and the angel fear to walk upon.


The mother leaves the room, but the wisdom of her grace remains with the Bride. Here is where ancient words meet the Spirit. The mother leaves her words written in the Book the Bride now holds.


A door closes between the two and the Book is opened. The Bride hears her future through the eyes of these words from the Source of her constant Companion and Comforter. “I will never leave you nor forsake you. I was there in the beginning. I am going ahead to prepare the way for you”. “Draw near to your Father, in these next few moments. Your Father and I are one. We will present you this day, spotless and fair clothed in beauty fitting the price to one who will take you to the home you were born for.”


“Today is the day. Hallow it and walk upon the sure foundation that all that I have is yours.” “These words in this Book you hold will remain forever.” “They are yours. They are mine. They are your Fathers. They are the Words of your Beloved”. Go to him now my daughter. Take with you these words and He will return to you this day these same words.” “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” The Bride feels a tear rush past her eyes as she sees her name written there in the Book. It is the Name of her Beloved.


She sees clearly now that the Name her Comforter whispered to her ages ago is the very same name she thought was only known by her and the one she is about to unite with. The Bride holds the Book to her heart as if to allow every word to penetrate any place left untouched by such love.


Outside the mother takes the arm of a young man, he carries her to the place beyond the entrance. She is seated deep within the sanctuary in a place of honor. She is at rest but her work is just beginning. For now every word she has spoken and every action she has performed, every good gift she has given will follow her through those doors. The seed will bloom on this day and bring forth a fragrance of new beginnings. ALL RISE! HERE COMES THE BRIDE………