With tears in her eyes she makes her exit out of the bridal chamber.


She meets her Father.  The Father looks into the eyes of this beautiful creation. The first time he sat eyes on her she was so tiny so helpless. He had known her forever but yet never had he been able to hold this spirit in His hands. Now here she was curious, wrinkled, wide-eyed and wonderful. The Father had created this perfection and placed the little seed inside of love.


The Father received her from the hands of a strange world but when He met her eyes he recognized the familiarity of the one who conceived her. All her gifts were in that face. Her countenance shone with the glory of her Comforter.


The Father speaks softly and instantly this marvelous new creation turns here ear to meet the Father. It’s the voice she first acknowledges. A calming power in the cold, bright new world, she can’t see the face but she knows the voice. She cries. The Father embraces.

The Father and Bride meet at the entrance.


She stops and waits.


The Father extends His hand to His daughter. Softly she takes His hand. The Father takes her face in His palm and lifts her head once again for support.


He remembers holding this same face in His hand many times through the years. The Father held her as an infant until he trained her to hold it up on her own. He remembers holding this face the first time the world scarred it as the road before her rushed up faster than her feet could recover. The scars faded but the memories are burned into the Father’s heart.


The Father sees the trail of tears and He brushes them gently. Tear are welcomed today.


The young woman recalls her childlike heart and leans into her Father’s embrace. Never have these arms failed to provide the assurance when she needed it. She is encouraged and renewed by the power these arms provide.


The music swell and the Father speaks, “Come.”


The door opens and the new journey begins. The Father escorts the Bride surrounded by a cloud of witnesses, family, friends and loved ones all gone before. Some new, some old but all are standing in her honor.


The Father paid for it.

The gathering sacrificed for it.

The Bride merely accepted the proposal to make this walk.

A smile breaks forth on her face as she sees her prize, her destiny, her Beloved.

The Father approaches the man on His right hand. The Father turns toward His daughter. He lifts the veil. He kisses her with a breath of life like fresh fire. The Father takes her hand and places it into the hand of the man on His right side.

Who Gives this Woman?


The Father speaks, “I AM and the one who bore her. Take her my Son, Son of My right hand. Take her, draw her to your side for there is the place you will hide her, the secret place, the ancient place. Hide her in the cleft I made for her the day you died to make here into our image.


Today we all have become one.


The Beloved groom places the symbol on her hand and seals it with his kiss. She takes His Name as her own.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you……THE CHURCH


The Father Speaks


The Spirit and the Bride say COME.