Let’s talk about remembering.  I have always had a very good memory.  They say with age it’s the first thing to go but that so far hasn’t proven to be true with me.  It’s not even genetic in my case because most of my family has very selective memory or no memory at all and then there are those times when people in my family have memories created in their own fantasies like they are attempting to rewrite our history to make it sound nice or better whatever that would mean.  Me I’m just real…I mean totally and bluntly real. 

I used to be a master liar and when I gave up being a liar I became brutally honest.  The kind of honesty that when it’s spoken it causes that deer in the headlights kind of stare from people.

Nevertheless despite all the blank stares I forge on with my choice to be honest.  Truly honest is my goal.  Brutally honest I’ve reached many times but to be truly honest is another matter.  To be truly honest is where the remembering is important.  I remember the past the good and the bad what I search for is the Truth.  I have a great deal of facts that I remember and I can be brutally honest with facts but the true honesty comes with the tearing the facts apart and revealing what lies beneath.

Brutal honesty is knowing the answer to the question when I ask, true honesty requires me to remember why I asked the question.

Does this post make me look fat?