I hear the echo of 2000 years ago from that early morning.  I can smell the smells of the dew on the flowers as she walked quietly to the tomb, bent down and looked inside.  She was prepared to tend to annoint the dead but no body could be found for the sweet odors she brought.

I remember it so vividly because for me the experience is not 2000 years old but much more recent.  The one day when I dared walk among the dead stones of my life and look really deep into the tomb of my own heart.  I found my heart covered by a stone immovable by my human hands.  My cries reach heaven My God, My God why have you forsaken me?  When His words from my mouth echoed back in heaven he heard a familiar sound and called to me with question?  Why do you weep?  I responded I must find the one I seek with all my heart for I have come to give him all that I have.  You see at first I did not recognize the voice for it was like any other but at my answer He called me by name.  When He said my name I saw the Love of all that he had done for my name was wrapped like shrouds upon His body.  I fell at his feet with recognition, sinner to Saviour I wept longing for him to wrap himself around me.