You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach that starts with a twinge and magnifies itself into a full blown growl and you just sort of automatically think or maybe it’s without even thinking you just know your hungry.  I’ve had that kind of feeling and I’ve described it by saying, “I’m hungry.”  Truth is I’m beginning to realize that what I’ve experienced is simply a image of hunger so to speak a poorly cast shadow of true hunger.  You see I’ve experienced a feeling not from lack but a feeling that I’ve conditioned to respond to certain smells, sounds and thoughts.

Hungry for me means it’s time to eat while a geniune hungry person faces a lack of food.  So it’s really a different situation for me to say I’m hungry than when I look into the eyes of one without food and say they’re hungry.  One is just a feeling the other fact. 

I’ve never had a lack of food.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “we don’t have a thing to eat”, yet the pantry always had items on the shelf.  I wonder how many people every day look into refrigerators, pantries and cabinets and say the same thing?  Maybe I’m the only one but I have to say I seriously doubt that I am.  I couldn’t possibly count the times I’ve made the statement to it’s fullest, “I’m starving to death.”  What a lie that is, I have never been in danger of starving and now after really thinking it over I’ve never been hungry what I have is better defined as cravings and usually the craving is specific unless motivated by some emotional response.

I know that some would argue the semantics of it all but most can agree we do have our own selfish definitions of words.

Words are powerful tools.  We have such an abundance of them now and so many diverse meanings that I find it very difficult to sort through the buffet and find the Truth.

But when you’re hungry you’ll go looking and the most important thing I’ve learned is that a hungry person has to be very cautious for a hungry man can find himself eating out of a trash can.   Those words were spoken to me by a very wise man once and today some two plus years after those words first fell upon my ear I am just now beginning to hear them.

What an image when one person’s discarded garbage becomes another man’s dinner.  Think you wouldn’t dig through the trash for a meal? 

Today I remember the fish, the cucumbers, the melons, the leeks, the onions and the garlic and I will not go back into bondage for them……..a crumb caught from heaven is better than a banquet prepared in bondage…

Lord I’m hungry feed me and I’ll inquire “what is it” and hear you from heaven as I know you hear my cry.  Feed me Lord with your manna and I will be satisfied.  Teach me your ways O Lord that I may Feed your sheep for I love you because you first loved me……I will serve you the only way I know how Lord at your feet listening to your voice…have mercy on your servant O Lord for I long to hear you say….”Come and dine” and without hesitation run to your side knowing you and you knowing me….Bid me come to supper Lord Jesus…Amen