We have a wedding to attend next Saturday.  The wedding date was announced a year ago and the planning and preparation started right away.  We have all the essentials ready and waiting except the Mother of the Bride (that would be me) has no shoes!

Seems strange with all the things that I’ve thought about over the last year that it would all come down to shoes.  Whenever anyone asks “how’s it going?” “got everything ready?” I just think no I don’t have any shoes.  Just last night three of us went out of the house and stopped at a shoe store we looked around tried a few on and when we walked out I said, “maybe I’ll just not wear any shoes.”  I didn’t realize until now just how profoundly accurate that statement speaks my heart.

You see this is my daughter, my first to marry.  She’s been away at school for the past four years and she won’t be leaving the area after the marriage so it’s not the physical separation that gets to me.  This is much deeper. 

As tradition goes I will proceed her down the aisle that day and for me it’s symbolic of sort of blazing her path.  I have a desire to just make her path straight with my walk.  I see myself standing at the door, holding my breath for my journey and I already hear the whisper, “Take your shoes off, for this is Holy ground.”

What better gift can I give my daughter than to cover her path with prayer.  Just two ordinary feet taking one step after another and blessing every place that she will step behind me.  I don’t want to leave the tracks of my shoes for my journey through this path was individual for me and my life.  I just want to leave behind the footprints of well learned lessons and timeless messages of the Light that has sustained me.  I want to trod out a path of The Beloved’s Words for her so that she falls in step to the perfect cadence.

The house is built, prepared and awaiting her.  My desire is to dig deep and carve out with my walk a room for her to lay the foundation of her home.  I want to walk straight and tall with assurance that my feet will erase every other left in the sand of time leaving behind a trail of His Light. 

I just want her to arrive at the start of her new life with her feet prepared.  Long before her father gives her away I will let her go…..but not alone….for with each step I take before her I will remain silent washing away the noise of a thousand mistakes made with a single plea in my heart, “Lord take this Woman and may you always be the desire of her heart for in her you have given me mine.”

God formed her long ago and choose me to be her mother.  I will reach my appointed place within the sanctuary and when the first chord is struck I will Arise and whisper…….Take this man my darling baby girl but never forget the footprints of the one you walked in to get here.  Lead him gently with your quiet spirit as you two become one in Him.