I enjoy the sound of a gentle wind blowing through the trees.

I love the feel of the wind in my hair.

I sleep the best sleep with the wind billowing past the curtains to caress my cheek.

I turn with curiosity at the whistle of the wind through a crack.

I laugh within myself at the memory of a breath of wind lifting my skirt.

And just when I am comfortable with the wind………….a storm arises and

the wind becomes contrary to my world.

A contrary wind that attempts to loose my footings and cause me to slip.

A contrary wind that side swipes my existences knocking my own breath from my lungs.

My ship of safety is tossed.

I’m now no longer on the shore but cast upon open waves of this world.

I row and the wind grows stronger until the oars of all that is real would be seemingly ripped by the force from my hands.

I hold on tighter yet the wind is stronger than all my might.

I will not have the contrary wind pull me from the anchor of truth……….

Is He asleep and unaware?

Or is He descending from the mountain top headed to the midst of this storm?

Do I step out or just speak peace……………to this contrary wind?

Questions not without answer for from someplace deep within another wind begans to stir.

Rising like a tide of gentle strength this wind ……………

Just breathe

I breathe in the contrary wind and wait to exhale…………..

A battle commences within……….

The tide will turn….

What will I look like in the aftermath of this contrary wind?