There is a season an appointed time that is fixed and then there is a time a moment of opportunity which is perpetual.  Both seasons and times are important for seasons are made of time and time is gathered into seasons.

For me there was an appointed season that was ordained to train and prepare and now a time to take what I’ve learned in the season of preparation and advance.

I must admit that I was comfortable in my season, so comfortable in fact that I was in constant danger of missing my time.

At first the season was enjoyable, new and refreshing and towards the middle a little too comfortable.  It was in my comfort zone that I almost slipped.  The vision before me of a time promised kept me from falling.  Somedays the nudge to carry on was gentle at other times hard both necessary for the process of maturity.

Like a seed held in the hand of a farmer I was delighted to just be held in the beginning but the real test came when I was taken into a field and laid down covered in darkness and alone.  Within me was a desire to grow but my surroundings were changing daily.  I did not like the darkness.  The darkness was pressing a kind of darkness you feel.  There were periods of dryness and times when I was soaked.  There were periods when I realized that unfamiliar creatures shared my unfamiliar abode in the darkness.  Slipperly, slimy creatures who wiggled and wormed around me constantly humming with busyness.  Oh how many days I longed to just be anywhere but where I was, yet it was my season even though I could not undertand at times somewhere beyond my understanding was a peace beyond my understanding.

So I settled in embraced my surroundings and was comforted by the peace.  Just when my eyes adjusted and my heart was content in that season something inside of me began to shake.  The shaking began in my very core and soon my entire being was shaken.

I was anxious for nothing but agitated by it all.  I was entering transition.

A need to push filled my being but restraint was key.  Waiting with a need so strong to push can be exhausting, but without the necessary wait I could have torn myself apart.

Then it happened this season was over and the time had come, I broke through.

I expected everyone I left to hail my return.  Instead I found that the noise I left behind became whispers.

I looked inward at myself and I still see the image of the seed I was………..why are they all gawking at the plant I’ve become?…………………………yet here I am back in the light of day with a stirring new that is permeating every joint I own.

Growing was a hard process, producing looks to be even more difficult………but it’s TIME.