rud_01.jpgI fondly remember today of Christmas past.   Always during the Christmas season the highlight for me was the annual airing of “Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer”.  I absolutely love that program.  The story, the music, the characters but most of all the ultimate love story.

My favorite part is when Clarice, Rudolph’s love interest just bats those long eyelashes and dips her head ever so coyly and says “I think you’re cute”…..Rudolph is swept off his feet proclaiming over and over…..”she thinks I’m cute”……..Then the inevitable happens and Rudolph’s flaws are exposed…….everybody calls him names and he forgets the promise to walk Clarice home………..but Clarice pursues him……Rudolph tries to push her away using the excuse that he’s different but Clarice stands her ground……’s a classic love story for real.  Funny how one minute you’re flying high and the next…you’re just playing games with the crowd and your flaws start showing and of course everyone points them out and you forget the one who has shown you such kindness.

Rudolph: What do you want?
Clarice: You promised to walk me home.
Rudolph: Aren’t you going to laugh at my nose too?
Clarice: I think it’s a handsome nose. Much better than that false one you were wearing.
Rudolph: It’s terrible… and different from everybody else’s!
Clarice: But that’s what makes it so grand. Why, any doe would be lucky to know someone with a nose like that.
Rudolph: Yeah? But I wasn’t very lucky today, was I?

Ah what sweet innocent love……..

This week I wasn’t very lucky either.   All my flaws have been showing a bit too much these days.  But that love of mine looked at me the other night while I was fixin him some raisin toast and said “You love your man don’t you?”  That’s all it takes for him…..just some small gesture……..for me it’s a different story……….

Later I poured my heart out to him and he listened and said, “You’re My Donna”.  That’s what does it for me…He knows my name…..He knows my name…………..and I belong……That’s what it’s like to love your wives like Christ loves the church.   I live, I breath, I hurt, and I’m not like all the rest……….but He knows my name and when He whispers  You’re My Donna………..It is Well with my soul.