Luk 1:5  There was in the days of Herod, the king of Judea……..

 A hero was sitting in the temple as king appointed by a Roman system.  That’s history that is repeating itself.  A hero where a king once sat, my how sad when God established His throne and the people wanted a man to be king over them and now here we see the worldly hero sitting in the temple.  A picture and image sitting in temple.  The people imagined a vain thing and built a house themselves and their image invented by their own actions was now sitting in what they called a house of God.

 What is a hero? Dictionaries define it more eloquently I suppose and we love slick words that please us.  A MAN of great strength, courage, one who rescues, protects, saves, defends…on and on words are used that can only describe God yet have been attributed to mere men.  The first time the real deal was come to earth the man-made image was sitting, ruling…when Jesus returns what will he find sitting in the church buildings….self-made images or a body reflecting the His perfect Light?

I can remember the fairy tales, images in my mind of a prince riding in on a white horse saving the day, fighting dragons, saving the princess to be, conquering for the kingdom……..

My Prince of Peace has come, kissed me with Truth, awakened me from death sealing my destiny by His Spirit.  I don’t look for another to bring Peace for I’ve found the Prince of Peace in Jesus Christ.  He is the Author and Finisher of my Faith so I am assured that what he began in me is finished in Him. 

and yet the heroes of this world keeps beckoning take the kiss of death and slumber for you are trapped in a dream that is not reality…….

Then I realize that the voice of that one is my own mind speaking………voices of fallen heroes of my past that are long since headless and should no longer speak…………

Where is the sword of Truth?