A solitary man sits among a room filled with people.  The noise outside almost drowns the sound inside.  Loneliness lurks like a stranger to this one alone yet he has not conceded to loneliness.  His words began to echo ringing out the noise as a symphonic poem plays in his heart.  Those without are shrouded by the loneliness of busyness and cannot hear the chords striking within the heart of this one.

Written down his words for history yet unspoken to the world the words cry to be heard.  Like a RED cord of sadness woven through the screen he places his heart before the world in symbols and phrases calling his muse.  Inspiration pined for he listens for some semblance of familiarity yet no image of likeness is seen.

Will his words cease without the sweet callings of the one he longs so for?

Alas let it not be so that parting must come for there is no joy in separation.

Lament my soul but rejoice my heart for absence is only an illusion of the mind.

Cast off ego and rest assured the debt is paid and a new song is versed in the heart of the Poet.

Take from me all you will loneliness strip from me the outward appearance of righteousness

Leave me alone with the words of life drowning out the troubled sea of busyness as ordinary people pass on in crowds of loneliness.

Alone at last in the quiet darkness I rest in the shadow of a true friend.