What a wonderful day to begin with suffering.  Rejoicing is a unique thing to believers in Jesus Christ.  Some may exhibit happiness at times but true joy comes from the Lord’s joy.  I can sit among the ashes of my own life and think that it’s all about me and that no one else matters.  I can call everyone I know and try to get them to listen but every single time they begin to pour out of their own misery.

Then today it hit me like a ton of bricks and then the light came on in a very dark place within me.

Jesus came and listened to all our troubles.   The people cry out save me, heal me, touch me, help me Jesus and he never once said well let me tell you what happened to me.  He heard there cries and he stopped.  He felt their touch and he stopped.  He always was in the right place at the right time with the right answer.  Occasionally he asks a question not to know the answer but to allow the person needing to be sure of what they want.  He listened to the cries.  He was a man acquainted with all of our sorrows…….he made himself so familiar with our sorrow that he took them all.

He healed all diseases.  Some needed only a word.  Some needed a touch.  Some needed something tangible of which he used spit and clay.  One just reached out on her own.  This woman of faith.  He healed and made whole and forgave sins all before the cross.  The blind see, the lame walk, the deaf hear, the mute speak, the broken heart mended, the prisoner set free and each and every one that received while he was here on earth are where?  They lived temporarily by the word of their testimony.

What did he leave us with?  A false sense of security.  God forbid that our hope would be built on a lie.

Today I heard the sorrow of another and it made all my sorrow flee.  Her sorrow was not her own but the sorrow of another.

Trouble comes and we all want to do something.

What can we do except bear one anther’s burdens. 

If you told me you had cancer what would I do?

For me that’s the worst word in the world, it’s like the thing that eats up every other thing in your life.  You can call it what ever term you want but when trouble comes in whatever way the worry, the doubt the fear, confusion, anger all flood your mind and devours every minute of your being.  The only thing I’ve found that can truly erase from my mind those thoughts is when someone else calls for help.  When I begin to listen to another weeping for another my heart turns within me and I just want to reach out and help them.

Today I heard someone crying for someone else.  If she would have called and asked for herself I would have different feelings……like how can you be so selfish?  Everyone has problems.  But today, I heard someone say what He’s going through is unfair. 

Can we all just look at everyone else and not ourselves and say they don’t deserve this.  What is it within us that can say that?  That I believe does not come from human nature but is divine.

What is the cross but a tree with the fruit of all that I’ve done hanging between two opinions.  One says help me the other says we deserve this he doesn’t……………..Remember me when you come into your kingdom.

One opinion wants the other needs.  One takes, the other asks.

And in the midst is one …………………..

Fake humility or true obedience unto death.  How can I rejoice in suffering?  I look at suffering and I see the result of the sin of disobedience.    I am just sleeping in my own comfort when I’ve been asked to watch and pray.  I recognize that I have failed in the smallest of things and today I need to realize for us it should never be about us.  To follow Jesus we must love one another. 

Only Jesus was willing and able to lay down his life for all.  Silently to those who did not know and making a proclamation to those who asked………Jesus never took credit for the good he did but in all things acknowledged His Father.

I don’t asked to satsify my own pleasure today Lord.  I don’t ask to be seen.  I don’t ask today Lord promising to do right by you if you fix this one thing.  I ask today simply because you are more real to me than anything else in this world.  More real than any prayer of words I could pray.  More real than any solution of my own.  Lord I ask today because my heart is heavy.  I know that you’ve made all things right through your word and by your word.  I trust your word.  So I’m asking today Lord for you to forgive me once again for not allowing your favor to be enough.  I rejoice today simply because you are God and you make all things right.  Lord I need your help today so that I don’t halt between two opinions but rest securely in the Truth……..show me the Way and Let Life only be spoken.

Today Lord I’m not digging new wells but asking for a drink from your side.  I cannot bear the cup you drink so I come empty Lord thanking you for taking my cup and giving me this one.  I’m asking for a drink of water Lord…….fill my cup that I may always have not just enough but an abundance to give freely as you give.

Lord let my eyes of understanding be opened and my mouth shut to the words of my will.  Let thy kingdom come and thine own will be done on Earth this day as it is in Heaven.

I don’t ask in my own name but yours according to your word Lord……..again I rejoice.

You have given grace…………….May I by faith in your Peace bear the sword that weighs heavy on my heart this day.

The night of sorrow has been one of such swiftness and the tears not in vain for now I rejoice in the morning.

I feel no longer enslaved by the trappings of this wilderness but in one final step of Faith I give up an offering of willingness put the past behind and run into your mercy…..