Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

This same chapter then goes on to list actions taken by men and women of faith.  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God and Jesus is that word made manifest in the flesh.  Jesus left this earth promising to go to the Father and making all things new and pour out the Holy Spirit upon all flesh.

Have you received the substance?

The substance is Christ.  The anointing that breaks the yoke.  What evidence do I have?  I hope in his returning by faith.  I have heard the word of God and believed.  What shall I do until his coming stand and gaze?

God forbid where are the beautiful feet who bring the “Good News”?

Where is the love for one another?

Can you just stand to bow and wash the feet of one who has hurt you?

Do you weep in true repentance?

God may we turn and do the work that you have set before us.

Noah never saw rain yet he built a boat.

Rahab was a harlot who heard the Word of God, believed and acted and received deliverance.

But Enoch walked with God and just was no more…………..

Lord may our eyes be enlightened to the Truth that only you can bring Peace on Earth.  Let us not live as though we have no hope………but Love one another as you have love us.

What evidence will you bring into his courts and give testimony?

Only one entered into the most holy place all those who enter their must come through Him.

Want a ruler?  He is the King of Kings

Want a prophet?  He is the Word of God and the Spirit of prophecy.

Want a Priest?  He is the High Priest begotten of the Father

Want healing?  Then no law has passed away but is fulfilled in the Perfect Sacrifice.  Present yourself before Him, acknowledge that everything you’ve done is worthless, everything you desired has brought no comfort, just fall let your head bow and separate from yourself.  Nothing we can do by the crown of our head can accomplish anything but one touch from the Word, Jesus Christ and all things are possible.

Whatever you receive from him freely give to all who will receive.  Do not battle against flesh and blood.  Pray effectively and with a burning desire for the Will of the Father not your own.

His will is that all might come to the knowledge of His Saving Grace……..none of us deserve that but He accomplishes for His names sake.

Who can find any but God who has kept His Word?

There is none.

Today I heard these words and I wept outwardly for the you is me and I rejoice within knowing that I don’t love God because I’m great……..I love him because He loves me.

When time has surrendered and earth is no more I cling to the old rugged cross….

Yep that’s where my trophies all lay down… filthy rags of my own making……..

And He lifts my head and says, Fear not for I have made all things new, lift up your head…….redemption is near…keep my Word………I shall behold His face………His Word has changed me for 45 years and continues to changes me everyday.

Why would I not believe?  Where else would I go but to hide in the cleft of His side for I would not want to fall into the hands my Father as I appear now but by Faith in Whom He is Well pleased I rest….sweet light of mercy cover me.