There once was a man who had a coat.  This coat was just fabric sewn together with many colors.  The importance of the coat did not lie in the fabric but in the Maker.  The Father made the coat for the Son.  The Father had many sons but one he chose from all the rest to cover with a coat made from his own hand.  The love that was in the labor of the coat was important.  The fabric of time weaving scraps into something useful was important.  The day of giving is of utmost importance.

The day came when the coat was completed.  The Father calls the son and gives the coat to the son.  The gift is beyond imagination the gift transcended time and space and the son turned around and around looking downward at the coat.  The son admired the colors.  The son admired the movement.  The son thanked the Father and ran to tell his kin.

Good news cannot be held within the confines of one person.  The son was moved by joy and wanted to share the feeling the coat brought to himself.  The news when it flowed out of the son’s mouth was darkened by the eyes of his kin.  They did not receive the words they only saw the coat.

The Father heard the cries of jealousy and wept.  The Father knew down in his heart the real meaning of the coat yet in this moment of time the message could not be told.

The kin plotted against the son, for when they had let their countenances fall upon the coat they were blind to the message.

There plot against the son became the very vehicle to which the destiny of the son would ride.

See the coat of many colors stained now with the blood of an animal seemingly to represent the death of the son.  The son resigned to a pit and later drawn out to be sold into slavery to another world.

The son arrives a slave in a foreign world.  The son no longer wears the coat of the Father but the garments of a servant.  This strange world’s leader dresses the son in finery and positionshim in a place of authority with a new garment.  The son is a willing servant to the leader yet never denies the love burning within his heart for his Father.

A time comes when one from the world seduces the son to step out of his ways and go with her.  A strange woman who belongs to another.  The son denies this woman’s advances and speaks.  The words of the son resound farther than the courts of this strange room.  It is written I cannot do as you request. 

The woman pleads and the son resists and turns.  As the son flees the room the woman grabs the garment given to the son by the one attached to this woman.

The woman goes to the leader of the strange world with the garment and unravels her story.  “This man who you have placed in such high position has attempted to have his way with me” she hisses.   She presents the garment as proof that he was in the room.

A million miles away another band of kin are presenting another coat to the Father.  Look you son is dead.  The Father takes the coat to his heart and grief beyond measure is born with tears.

While the Father weeps the strange world leaders dream strange dreams.  Meanwhile the son is locked away in a prison with two having strange dreams of their own.

The son sits in this prison and we see the butler, baker among this one who will shed some light into a dark place.

The captain of the prison has put the son in charge over all the prisoners so as the day comes the son finds the butler and the baker very sad.  The son asks why?  They tell the son they have had dreams with no interpretation.  The reveals to them He knows who can interpret and bids these two to tell their dreams.

A vine with three branches that budded, bloomed and bears fruit is the first.  The butler continues his dream that the grapes are picked and he presses them into the cup of the world leader.  The son replies and says three branches are three days after three days you will be restored just remember me for I am not one of your kin but I come from another family.  Remember me when you are restored for I have done nothing to deserve my place here.

The baker hears the interpretation and deems it good and begins to tell the son his own dream.  He speaks of three white baskets with one basket on top full of good things for the world leader but birds keeps coming and eat up all that is there in the uppermost basket upon my head.

The son speaks that the three baskets are three days and that in three days the world leader will lift his head off and he will be hanged on a tree.

All of these things happen on the occasion of the world leaders birthday.  The occasion is happy and the world leader releases the butler and baker……..restoring the butler and hanging the baker……………and the butler forgets to remember the son until the occasion arise when another dream is had by the world leader.  Then the butler remember the interpreter and the son is brought out of prison.

A famine is coming and the interpretations all prove true that the son has given.  All must come to the son now for food.  The kin of the son must journey to the foreign land.

All in the storehouse is given to the son and he now has charge over it in the strange world.  His clothes now are different yet again.  The kin do not recognize him as kin.  The son knows them well.

10 of the kin came into the strange world.  They tell the son when he inquires that they are 10 from the Father who has kept one by his side the younger and one is not.

The son calls them spies and puts them in ward three days and then brings them out.

The son tells them that in order to prove that they are not spies but true men they must:

Leave one kinsmen remain bound in the house of Their prison.

Take provision and go and get the younger kinsmen and bring him to me for verification.

The brothers begin to speak among themselves. 

We have done wrong by one of our kinsmen and now another must pay the price.  We have come under this trial because we would not hear.  The kinsmen with vision arise to speak and says I told you so, I told you not to do the things that you did and now blood is required.  They never realize that the son understands for they have no knowledge that the son can speak their language for when the son spoke to his kinsmen he used an interpreter.

The son begins to weep and goes back to the kinsmen.  He takes the one who hears and binds him.

The son gives them provision and send them on their way home.

As the kinsmen go they discover that the money they paid the son for the provision has been returned to them.

The kinsmen fear and begin to realize the magnitude of their way and begin to question What God had done to them.

They traveled on back to the Father.

They explain to the Father all that has happened.

The Father says you have bereaved me.

The Father says my favor is gone, my hearing is gone and now will you take the very son of my right hand.

A vision rises to speak and tells how he will give his own two sons to be slain by the Father.  He request the youngest and promises the death of his owns sons be carried out if he does not return him.

The Father says that the son of his right hand shall not go down for the sorrow.

The famine grows worse and all provision from the strange world ends.

The Father speaks and request they buy more food in the strange land.

Praise rises up and reminds the Father the price that must be paid.

Praise boldly tells the Father that they will go if the son of his right hand accompanies them, if not they will not go.

The Father asks why they dealt so badly towards him by telling the world they even had a brother.

Praise again arises and says when asked of our state we told of having a father and because we were impressed by his words we told of the son of your right hand.  We did not know that he would require the son.

Praise rises up even farther and declares let the son of your right hand go with me I will pledge to you my life for him and you may blame me forever if I do not return him.

Praise sings out if I had not lingered we would all have been returned to you a second time.

The Father says go and take:

The best fruits in the land in Your vessels

Carry down man a present (the meaning of which is grand)

Take double money down and return the money which you found returned to you

Take also you brother the Father says if I miscarry, I miscarry.

On and on these brothers travel back to the brother they neither recognize now nor know that he is a brother.

They arrive and many things transpire.  I feast is made.  Weeping.  Washing feet.  Conversation and then the brother who is not to them is told by them of the money that belongs to him and how it was discovered back with them.

They are fearful but Peace is spoken and the brother who is not to them tells them that God the God of their father has given them the treasure they have and he has his money but at this point the hearing that was bound is released.

They feast and commune and then are laden with gifts to return to the Father with one stone of burden.  A cup is placed into the son of the right hand and as they travel the world comes to say whoever has the cup is guilty and must be taken from them.

The cup is found in the hand of the youngest.  The son of the right hand is to be taken.  Praise rises and begins to tell of the sorrow this will bring to the Father.  He retells all the history of the journey.  Then Praise begs that he be bound and let the younger return to his Father with his brethren.

This one act causes the brother who is not to reveal himself to his brethren.  I am the one added to my Father in favor.  I am your brother.  He reveals himself privately away from the world to his brothers.  He asks does my Father live?  The brothers could not answer because they were undone by his presence.

The Son who was not to them bids them come, Come closer I am your brother.

He begins to tell them the Truth.

2 years famine in the land

5 years no fruit nor harvest

He tells them that God sent him before them to preserve them for such a time as this.

Preserve them a place of prosper and to save them by a great deliverance.

O many great things happen but for their journey they were given a change of garment.  Yet the son of the right hand of the father was given 5 changes of garments and three hundred pieces of silver.

They all went to the Father and told him that his son was alive the one who was not is.  The Father believe them not until he saw the revolving wheel that was sent for him and his spirit revived.

Who is willing to lay down his life for the world?

The choice of clothing is important. 

If you judge by my outer appearance you will call me a brother who is not attempting to kill me over and over again by denying that I exist.  It is love that covers the multitude.  A LOVE that only Truth can lighten the Way to the Life that is found in only One a Beloved Son who for the joy of hearing my Praise endured my suffering.  The reality of that cross is the shadow of death I walk in covering my steps as I trespassed in places not meant for me but he chose for my good and His Glory.

I cannot bear the Glory without bearing the cross for if Truth did not die Justice would not one day arise and reign.  Seated now showing mercy He calls within the secret place and I go willing and He hides me among the tablets of His Law and brings forth fruit from my barren heart like I cannot describe but yet He feeds me and I am satisfied yet longing to just Be in Him in the Presence of My God.  It is by this Comfort that when I am weak His strength arises and I lay down all that this world affords and Cling to His feet.

Mark the spot where His Spirit lies down and cover yourself with His mantle.

The only crown He sees is the head bowed and willing to offer an empty cup.  A cup not my own for I had nothing but a box filled with stench of my own doing but when broken before him poured out the most incredible fragrance.  He alone allows me to wash his feet with my tears.  He alone as the world stares and point fingers hushes the crowd.

She is uncovered and has no veil.  She is a sinner.  The noise of the crowd is silenced by His voice wherever His Good News is proclaimed I am reminded that I prepared him for his burial so what I offered from my own hand He willing died for because I was willing to hear Him and know that I could not bear it any longer so I chose the better part of forgetting the shame and stepped out to allow Him to cover me.

Now He comes to me and we commune in the cool of the day.

I am covered but soon and very soon He will call and I will be gathered to his side to be one with Him.

He allured me with words and gave me flowers for a desert with promise that if I am faithful when He returns He will sweep me off my feet and carry me over the threshold of time……into Eternity to be clothed in His righteousness.

The nakedness is mine………….the coat of many colors I have worn served it’s purpose when I was a child and I am thankful to earthy parents who gave it….the worldly garment I served in for a time and I died……..the covering I wear now in Time may look like a mess……..but in the Light of His Word I see even now by faith that I hear……….A Bride.

Even so Lord……..COME!  Willingly I heed the Voice of my Beloved and no other voice can compare for He holds my dress folded for such a long time yet now unveiling before my eyes it’s the most beautiful garment I have ever seen and I just want you to know that the size in the beginning covered completely and it still can………..Don’t listen to the the noise….the questioning noise of did God say?  Listen to the sound of His voice……..He’s calling you “Where are You?…. Are you hiding behind yourself trying to figure out good and evil calling the one the other?  Are you clothed in blaming one another for faults all your own?……who told you that you were naked?

Let the dust settle at Calvary.  Wake up Church the night is far spent it is high time.