There is the song that cries to be sung.  The song that is conceived by the pure seed, yet entangled by ropes of deception.  The seed of life spoken into darkness igniting the barren wilderness into the garden.

Two parts of the whole presented to find the place where each fits into the other.  The song conceived that needs be borne.

Words alone cannot but describe the beauty.  Logic is but a veil covering.  Revelation alone can bring the union described as Holy.

One must sleep while the other is drawn from a cage that does not enslave but protects life and breath.

Born from the very marrow of Creation this is the song of the Redeemed.

Strike the chords upon the instrument of man and you can hear the symphony played by the Creator’s own hand.

Can two walk together except they agree?  No more than many instruments can sound out discord and expect harmony.

There is an audience a great multitude that awaits to hear the sound.  They listen attentive dividing rightly the noise from the song.

The entire wilderness itself groans to see.

What is that heard in the land……………the song? 

Father forgive us for the noise we’ve made.