Somewhere in time and space a word was spoken.  A single word into a vast place.  The place was empty, unfulfilled a wilderness covered with water.  One single word that over the course of time has been pulled, stretched, twisted, altered and fashioned into a myriad of strings that seem endless.

If there is an Author to this first word will he have the last word?

Will he declare the end from the beginning?

Have we run to the end of discourse to be faced full with the realization that without an intimate knowledge with the first word then the last word may have no knowledge of us?

You see before you a string of words are is this just an illusion a slight of hand some magic designed by numbers all coming together to the right and perfect score?  We compete with numbers.  The one who has the most numbers wins is that true?  If I can just throw the ball through the hoop yeah two points.  If I can stand a the right distance I can receive three points for the same shot.  If I’m fouled by some transgression of the rule I can stand alone on the line surrounded by foe and friend and get 1 shot maybe 2 to receive one point for each hit.  Pray chance I get two attempts I can get 2 points trying twice as hard.  Or if my flavor is pigskin then I can fight my way through the crowd and make it across the line with ball in hand and receive 6 points.  If I can run it one more time successfully across the line I get two or I can choose to just hand off to the kicker in hopes of at least one point.  A contest of numbers in a world where words are stretched so thin no one pays much attention to them any longer until one hits you in the wrong place and then that word becomes quite important.

Sticks and stones break bones but words will never hurt me.  Ah but alas spare the rod and spoil the child and all those who have transgressed in a certain way face the stone.

A stone not carved out of earth and fashioned by the hands of man.  A rejected stone like a lump of coal for the bad child at Christmas who failed to see the diamond within.  Like a pearl of great price overlooked because of the fear of the creature from the abyss that spewed out and took till the sand of time became less irritating and now just a smooth gem.

Can we hook that sea monster who stole our word and made them twisted?  Doing so you may find yourself in a real battle of good and evil while the tale of time whips around you so violently that you spin out of control, tossed about on a wave of words. 

For myself I took a good look inside.  Examined myself.  Down I looked back until there was no where to look but up.  I looked back to the past and eventually the past was empty, I looked forward and could not see tomorrow just today.  I looked down and my feet………………..uncovered or shod?  Naked or clothed?

No word came during that time as my head bowed.  Just the tears of time, salty healing a wound so sore that no words I’d ever spoken could cure.

My knees buckled, my strength gone I fell.  I wrestled many years in the darkness of that single moment.  I absorbed everything I heard in the darkness.  I cried for my blindness for I became accustomed to the dark thinking that I may never see the light of day again.

My words rang in my ears empty and deafening.  A crowd of other voices began to ring in each opining a way like the blind leading the blind with no path to be found just circling voices some greater some lesser by means of sound they played on….and on…..and on……………..until the words just became a discord of letters longing to be united into one sure word of LIGHT.

Could I speak it?  Could I hear it?  Did the Word exist?  I did not know for sure.  Tears came spontaneously, words escaped me until I was empty and alone.

You know empty and alone was just not good enough for me.  I needed help.  Foolish yes but I yelled to the darkness.  GOD!

All that I had absorbed emptied into one word GOD.

It’s just a word, but when the battles is over and from the depths of your soul you whimper He comes in like a flood raising a standard over all other words yet not to destroy but to unwind the mess, the tangled web I wove when at first I thought to deceive He Our Father had held my clothes while I spent everything He had given me to find LOVE…..I had hated even the smell of the clothes of my trying I walked out of the darkness with a fire above and below drawn to the very center of my being.

Now these words just pour out of brokenness but not my own but the foolishness of a cross.

A cross I carry and follow in the footsteps of one who is seated.

My transgression is finished as so are the transgressions against me for out of forgiveness I forgive and out of love I love…..but this world is not my HOME yet a house a temporary dwelling traveling out of the wilderness leaning not ashamed of my limp but expecting……….

When the final word is delivered…………not in question but statement…….a period of fire.  How can I stand on that day?

Like a soldier?  Once I had not proved that armor but I was not left forsaken.  One Word kept me. 

On the first day Truth

2nd a sure witness of righteousness in Heaven and Earth rightly divided

3rd a sure foundation for my feet planted firm and bearing seed and fruit

4th above all the lights of my faith the Word hitting my heart and shining like a shield reflecting back not my work but the Work of the Word within me.  Night not feared for within the darkness of His covering He speaks.

5th I’ve found undeserved favor upon my head no longer do the waters overwhelm me nor do I fear but I laid down my own and let that fall back into the place it deserved and came forth with new life not my own.

6th with a weapon in my hand I realize again the price of my redemption from the beginning it reminds me to rightly divide the beast from the man.  Though I wrestle not with flesh and blood a war rages within me …….desiring peace I am left with a sword which promises Peace that I cannot bring yet abides within beyond my understanding  it is written and revealed nothing added nothing subtracted just multiplying and replenishing my soul until I am changed from this mortality into immortality.  I do not know how He appears but I am sure when He finishes me I will be in His image…

7th Rising to Rest

Randomness of Words

You can rearrange them all they are only separated and divided by punctuation, letters clumped together to make what a word………….or the Word.

Mine are just images………………A coat of many colors stripped and covered in the blood of an innocent sacrifice taken back to the one who gave it he returns not void but with a shout not because I sacrificed but obeyed.

Amidst the noise of the chariots in the valley gathering for war……I look unto the hills for a still small voice saying Come up!  For the final battle is won and the victory goes to a Bride adorned by her husband the two become one and He speaks and Every knee bows…………He reigns Lord of Lord and King of Kings that’s my Jesus.  The Word. The Way. The Truth. The Light. The Life…….God who himself became veiled in flesh that he might destroy the work of my own flesh in His body has now removed the veil from this present world and poured out His Spirit…by which we who receive reflect now darkly but when we see Him this same Jesus who ascended shall Come again in the same manner…………will the waves toss you about at the sound because you have not shaken yourself…?  Will you run to the hills and cry it is finished I am undone?  Or will you hear………….a sound, the voice and the trump?

When I have left my humble tent let it not be said that I built my own tower with babblings attempting to stack word upon word to reach heaven but that by hearing I have rested in every Word that proceeded out of the mouth of God.

In the beginning God